Opening Asia for Russia

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In the far north-east of India, in the rocky foothills, there is the state of Sikkim, little known to Russian tourists.

The state of Sikkim has become a promised land for many Tibetans who left their historical homeland for political or economic reasons.

The State of Sikkim. Photo: Gnanendra Shamaya

A community of mountain dwellers have been able to find their place under the Indian sun. They have not gone far from their native mountains and are engaged in traditional crafts in small settlements, on the steep slopes of the majestic Himalayas. In the north, these Indian lands border on great China, in the east - on Bhutan, in the west - on Nepal. And the closest neighbors within the country are residents of the states of West Bengal, located in the south of Sikkim.

The State of Sikkim. Photo: Gnanendra Shamaya

Once upon a time, the famous Russian painter and philosopher-mystic Nicholas Roerich passed through these places. Here in the mountain valleys, near the city of Darjeeling, in the very north of West Bengal, the world-famous Indian tea of the same name ripens

< i>State of Sikkim. Photo: Gnanendra Shamaia

Indian blogger Gnanendra Shamaiah presents his view of his native country to the Russian audience. naturally, he is able to show his beloved land in a way that a foreign operator will never do.Watch a short video about Sikkim to understand how real India breathes and lives, far from the fashionable resorts of Goa noisy in the south.
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Sikkim State Photo: Gnanendra Shamaya


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