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17.12.2017 150 просмотров

Video blogger Moderne recorded on video the most interesting and beautiful places during his trip to the Philippines.

This video was filmed during our 2 week trip to the Philippines. My wife and I love to visit new places, do bold things and meet new people. Even before we visited other countries of Southeast Asia, we fell in love with this part of the planet from the first time.

We were drawn to the Philippines because I saw so many beautiful pictures of the local landscape and we also read about this country.

We were so fascinated that we decided to go to the Philippines, which became our next destination.

In our opinion, the Philippines is a relatively unexplored travel destination.

We've been to Palawan, Boracay, Bohol and Panglao. There are things to do and see in these places, but all this cannot be done in just 14 days. The selection consists of 7107 islands. It's hard for us to say which island is the best, but everyone who wants to visit the Philippines should go to Palawan. El Nido stands out in particular. This is not just a tropical paradise, this place is like no other.

For those who love pristine white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and partying until the early hours, Boracay is the best option.

Of all the people we've met during our travels in Asia Filipinos are the friendliest. They are very friendly and extremely hospitable.

Making contacts with the local people is the best way to save money when traveling in the Philippines.

This is my short story about our trip.

Coordinates of places:
Palawan 9.8349*N,  118.7384*E
Boracay  11.9674*N,  121.9248*E
Bohol  9.8500*N,  124.1435*E
Panglao  9.5731*N,  123.7629*E



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