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The velvet season in coastal Turkey, which lasts from early September to November, is not only an opportunity to save money by buying a cheaper tour to the best hotels in the country, but also to relax in comfortable climatic conditions.

The sweltering heat is no longer there, but all the main “highlights” of Turkish resorts have not gone away, including first-class service. Another plus is the ability to avoid the hustle and bustle of the high tourist season, because, whatever one may say, there are fewer tourists on the coast. Some people just need a vacation like this. And it turns out on a budget.

Another important advantage of the velvet season is rest without noisy, always fussing and noisy children and sometimes overly active student youth. As they say, there is a time for everything. Therefore, some people like to relax in the velvet season - mostly middle and older. They do not need noisy youth parties - discos and parties. But they are not at all going to give up the many joys of life that a respectable rest in peace and comfort gives.   

The velvet season in Turkey provides tourists with many opportunities for a good rest. Photo:

The velvet season in Turkey is not only an opportunity to soak up the sun, swim in the still warm sea, take exciting walks on a yacht, but also admire local attractions without fear of the harsh rays of the sun. The humidity of the air during this period of time decreases - therefore, it is a pleasure to spend time with a glass of good wine on the open terrace of the restaurant, talking leisurely with your soulmate. However, when preparing for a “velvet” vacation, you should not neglect warm clothes, because the night temperature in October can drop to 13-15 degrees. 

Precipitation during the Turkish velvet season on the coast is extremely rare. Perhaps the only exception is the Black Sea coast of Turkey, but on the Mediterranean and the Aegean coast the weather is less “wailing”. A nice bonus is freedom of movement - this means that in Turkish hotels you do not have to fight for sun loungers on the beaches, take early seats at the pool or stand in line at a restaurant or snack bar. Almost until the end of October, you can swim in the sea in the resorts of Alanya, Antalya, Kemer, Belek and Side. 

Visit Turkish sightseeing in summer is often complicated due to the heat, and in autumn very comfortable weather sets in. Photo:

By the way, the fashion for the velvet season appeared at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, when in September the entire European aristocracy, who preferred to wear velvet clothes according to the then fashion, went on vacation to the sea. Ordinary petty officials and civil servants went to rest in the summer - from June to August. And only later the concept of “velvet season” began to be associated with wonderful September nights, the air of which envelops like soft and warm velvet. well-being of some vacationers. There is nothing surprising in this - far from everyone is interested in seeing the treasured antiquities when there is an utter heat + 35-40 on the street. But September, October and even November are much better suited for these purposes, this is the most ideal period for trips on excursions, when you can safely spend several hours walking slowly through the streets, for example, ancient Ephesus, exploring the sights of Cappadocia and the landscapes of Pamukkale with Cleopatra's pool , where the famous beauty once loved to soak up. It is at this time that many tourists decide to fly in hot air balloons over the mountains of Cappadocia - & nbsp; it is one of the most popular tourist services at this time of the year. There is something to see from a bird's eye view! 

Turkey. Cappadocia
Cappadocia. Photo:

The autumn season is a good time for shopping lovers. In September-October, the season of significant discounts and large-scale sales of popular world brands begins in Turkey. In September, "sales" can reach 70%. October will pamper connoisseurs of fashion trends with new autumn-winter collections.

Also in September-October, a real fruit paradise begins in Turkey, when the shelves of shops and shops are literally “bursting” with an abundance of honey melons, juicy pears, sweet peaches, nectarine and plums, ripe watermelons, fragrant grapes. Accordingly, all this appears on the "Swedish" tables in hotels. An interesting observation: autumn tours to Turkey are preferred by lovers of an even and beautiful tan, which is obtained just under the warm, but by no means burning the skin, sun, which is still mercilessly scorching even in early September.

Vacation in autumn is a great way to prepare the body for the coming winter. Many hotels offer a course of various cosmetic procedures, healing wraps and mud baths. Their effect has a healing effect on the body. In thalassotherapy centers, specialists successfully combine massage courses and oriental medicine. With their help, you can achieve amazing results, if, of course, you approach this process in a complex way! 

Turkey. Pamukkale
Pamukkale. Photo:

For example, the luxurious Xanadu Resort High Class hotel in Belek, owned by a large international structure OTI  Holding, is one of the most luxurious resort complexes in Turkey. It is located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea in an amazingly beautiful park. The hotel has developed its own unique "green" concept, which is suitable for the most demanding clients who prefer a super-comfortable stay. The high level of service here is felt in everything - from room service to luxurious serving in restaurants. It offers more than four hundred rooms, among which there are even two-storey villas - they  as if hidden under a hat of green pines.

This elite resort complex is located in the tourist Mecca of Turkey, not far from Antalya. The hotel operates according to the "High class: all inclusive" system.  Its territory is a huge forested area. The magnificent 500-meter beach is awarded the "blue flag" - for compliance with the highest environmental standards. standards and infrastructure.  

Turkey. Tourist complex Xanadu Resort High Class. Photo:

The Xanadu Resort High Class complex offers its guests a lot of sports entertainment, which is an undoubted advantage of the hotel. You won’t surprise Russians with a chic golf course, since this type of entertainment is not very popular in our country yet, but many are not averse to learning tennis from professionals. Well, wakeboarding, windsurfing, water skiing, canoeing, a mini-football field, bowling, billiards - this is just the minimum “gentleman's” set that the hotel is ready to offer to its guests.

What is the high food system? class: all inclusive This is not only a large selection of restaurants of various cuisines of the world, but also a real gastronomic paradise created by the best chefs. The main restaurant of the hotel operates according to the "buffet" system, it offers dishes of Turkish, European, Mexican, Chinese cuisine. But if one of the hotel guests perceives dinner as a beautiful ritual, they can choose from six restaurants: La Cascade - French cuisine for gourmets, Els Pescadors - Mexican cuisine, Dragon - Chinese cuisine in all its diversity, Dolce Vita - a restaurant for the sweet tooth who cannot live without desserts, and connoisseurs of good wines, Meyhane is a fish restaurant that can please real "fish lovers", lovers of "sea" foods. You can also have a great time in one of the seven bars of the complex, where, sitting comfortably in an easy chair, it is pleasant to relax with a glass or a glass of high-quality alcohol. The hotel simply doesn't serve the other one. 

After evening walks, going to the sauna is a special pleasure. Photo:

A special pride of the Xanadu Resort High Class complex is a real temple of relaxation - Shang-du SPA. This is where you can feel the healing magic of the Turkish hammam, European and Oriental massage, aqua and aromatherapy. The choice of wellness treatments is very large - from classic foam massage to Ayurvedic. Xanadu Resort High Class is a place where it is always a pleasure to relax. In addition, various rich entertainment programs are held here all year round. Moreover, the complex is famous for them not only among the hotel guests, but also outside of Antalya. Famous dancers, singers, DJs in the hotel are frequent guests... 

Sea breeze lovers get valuable prizes - leisurely walks along the coast and enjoying the surrounding landscapes. Photo:

Going to Turkey at the end of the velvet season, it is important to consider that the coolest weather in late October and early November is set in Marmaris and Kemer. At this time, it rains more often. But the southern regions of the country - for example, Belek, Side and Alanya - even in early November can still pamper tourists with a warm sea. How lucky with the weather.

In a word, the velvet season in Turkey is a great opportunity to "extend" the summer - sunbathe, relax under the still gentle rays of the autumn sun, make fascinating trips to historical places and arrange for yourself a real " feast of the belly. However, in many coastal Turkish resorts & nbsp; you can relax all year round. Even in winter, when prices are almost halved, the service does not get worse because of this. All kinds of entertainment are always at the disposal of guests, & nbsp; indoor comfortable swimming pools, fitness centers and a huge abundance of Turkish delicacies, which Turkish hotels operating on an all-inclusive basis are famous for. And lovers of the sea breeze get valuable prizes - leisurely walks along the coast and enjoying the surrounding landscapes ...



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