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Since October 2020, on the basis of the MEDSI Clinical Hospital in Otradnoye, the Center for Outpatient Oncological Care began its work, which provides medical care under the CHI program, in accordance with Order 186-r of December 28, 2020 of the Ministry of Health of the Moscow Region. & nbsp;

Here, patients can receive high-quality, fast diagnostics with a previously diagnosed oncological disease, as well as if it is suspected. During the short period of the Center's work, specialized treatment was provided to more than 250 patients.

The main task of creating CAOPs is to provide the population of Russia with timely oncological medical care. Until 2024, it is planned to create 536 CAOPs in Russia on the basis of multidisciplinary clinics with the necessary infrastructure. To achieve the set goals, a three-level system of patient care has been developed, where the primary oncology room is located on the first level, the Outpatient Cancer Care Center (CAOC) is on the second, and the hospital is on the third. The level of equipment of MEDSI clinics in various regions of Russia fully meets the criteria for CAOPs: the availability of X-ray equipment, an endoscopic department, a clinical diagnostic laboratory, ultrasound and functional diagnostics rooms.


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As part of the MEDSI CAOP, patients with oncological diseases are given the opportunity to undergo timely diagnostics and high-tech treatment within the framework of one clinic - on the basis of the MEDSI Clinical Hospital in Otradnoe.

"MEDSI, as the leader of private medicine in Russia, provides modern technologies in the provision of oncological care. The Ambulatory Cancer Care Center is equipped with state-of-the-art expert-level equipment. The MEDSI Clinical Hospital in Otradnoye employs highly qualified international-level oncologists. Among them - Boris Evseevich Polotsky, Deputy Chief Physician for Oncology of the MEDSI Clinical Hospital in Otradnoy, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, Honored Doctor of the Russian Federation. The main task of the Center is to provide specialized oncological care within one hospital, including inpatient care, to patients as soon as possible and to prescribe an individual treatment plan, including all types of high-tech surgical treatment, targeted chemotherapy and immunotherapy.", - said Olesya Rudolfovna Artemyeva, head of the Center for Outpatient Oncological Care of the Medsi Clinical Hospital in Otradnoy, surgeon, oncologist.

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The outpatient oncology center MEDSI with a day hospital for 20 patients is provided with primary specialized medical care, various types of antitumor drug therapy are carried out in conditions of a day hospital, the work of which is carried out in three shifts.

The MEDSI Outpatient Cancer Care Center organizes a full cycle of oncological care for residents of the Moscow Region on the basis of inpatient departments in the following areas:

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•     Neurooncology: tumors of the brain (primary and metastatic) and skull, neoplasms of the spinal cord, nerve roots and spine, pituitary adenomas.

•     Thoraco-abdominal oncology: cancer of the esophagus, stomach, pancreas (extended resections), liver tumors (primary and metastatic lesions of any complexity, including those with reconstruction of blood vessels and biliary tract), retroperitoneal tumors of any localization, surgical treatment of lung cancer, biopsies lung under CT navigation, transbronchial biopsies under endoultrasound, etc.

•     Oncocoloproctology: laparoscopic and open operations of the colon and rectum, endoscopic treatment of recurrent and metastatic forms of colon cancer, simultaneous operations for locally advanced cancer, extended and combined interventions for primary and recurrent locally advanced tumors of the abdominal cavity and small pelvis, the use of "Fast Track" technology - concept of accelerated recovery after operations.

•     Oncourology: prostate cancer, kidney cancer, urothelial cancer, bladder cancer, cancer of the pelvis, ureter and urethra.

•     Oncomammology: radical mastectomy, organ-preserving breast surgery, one-stage reconstructive surgery if complete removal of breast tissue is necessary, sectoral resection of the breast, aesthetic correction of the contralateral breast.

•     Oncogynecology: diagnosis of precancerous conditions of the cervix - LSIL, HSIL; treatment of cancer of the female genital organs in accordance with the latest recommendations of the world's leading clinics and oncological communities; use of unique technologies that ensure the safety of surgical treatment, etc.

•     Tumors of the head and neck: surgical treatment of neoplasms of the skin and soft tissues of any localization and plastic reconstruction of defects under local and general anesthesia, surgical treatment of nodular and diffuse toxic goiter, thyroid cancer, parathyroid adenomas from a mini-access, surgical treatment of neoplasms of the parotid salivary glands with microsurgical control of the facial nerve, surgical treatment of tumors of the pharynx and larynx with subsequent voice prosthetics, endolaryngeal microsurgery.

•     Hematology: diagnosis and treatment of malignant lymphomas, multiple myeloma, chronic lymphocytic leukemia, Hodgkin's lymphoma.

•     Chemotherapy, immunotherapy, targeted therapy: malignant neoplasms of various localizations, including malignant lymphomas. Intra-abdominal chemotherapy in the treatment of malignant tumors of the female reproductive system. Chemotherapy is carried out using modern port systems or PIK catheters, installation of port systems.

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“All cancer patients in Russia should have a real opportunity and access to timely quality oncological care . The federal project “Fight against oncological diseases”, which was launched in 2019 and became the largest target state program in the entire history of the industry, is designed for this,” said Alexander Pavlovich Gnatyuk, Deputy Medical Director for Oncology of JSC GK "MEDI".


If necessary, CAOP patients are sent to hospitals that provide specialized, including high-tech, medical care to patients with oncological and precancerous diseases. There are several hospitals in MEDSI: in the Moscow region - the MEDSI Clinical Hospital in Otradnoy, in Moscow - the Clinical Hospital in Botkinsky passage and the Clinical Diagnostic Center on Krasnaya Presnya) and the hospital of the MEDSI clinic in St. Petersburg.


In the near future, it is planned to open another CAOP in the Moscow region on the basis of a clinic in Shchelkovo, two CAOPs in other regions of Russia, in particular, on the basis of MEDSI clinics in Izhevsk.

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