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Now it is fashionable to make all kinds of ratings - "hot tens", "hundreds of the best" and the like. They compare everything - from songs and books to politicians and cars. So we decided not to stand aside - we built tourist attractions in several Asian countries according to the ranking. To your taste, of course.


Bali: from birds to "kechak"

 Bali is a small island. Ideal for tourism. Not hysterical, with moving 300 km a day, but leisurely, one might say, meditative, in the spirit of Hinduism, which is practiced here in Bali by the Balinese. Not for the first thousand years. Here you can settle in almost any part of the island and from there travel to the most important tourist sites in any sequence. 

 The following proven sequence of Balinese "tourist meditation" is proposed. Its principle is to alternate "nature" and "culture". According to the chess scheme. Or zebras. In Bali, this is perfect. 

 For relaxation after the flight, I recommend visiting the bird park. Swans, pelicans, parrots.  The latter are adorable. But they don't know how to clean their claws like cats. And they love to sit on their shoulders and arms. 

 Next - Ubud. Monkey forest and monkey temple. Monkeys need to be fed. Bananas and sweet potatoes are sold here especially for this purpose. Do not buy potatoes - snickering, plump monkeys will angrily throw them in your face. But bananas will be eaten. 

Bali Elephant Caves
Bali. Elephant caves. Photo:

 Next - Goa Gadja. Elephant caves. Tampaksiring. sacred source. All this is “culture”. 

 To relax ecologically, you should then go to Turtle Island. Sit on  a giant tortoise (you can use two or even three together), put a python around your neck, feed an eagle, look into the eyes & nbsp; a bat hanging from the ceiling, etc. All this is required. Don't be afraid of turtles and mice. They are good.

 Now - again "culture". Perhaps three temples should be included in the “turminum”: Besakih, Mengwi and Uluwatu. Very good temples. No comments: go and find out. 

 Then go to Kintamani volcano. Stunning vistas, ten-story rice terraces, and so on.  

Bali Island
Bali. Volcano Kintamani. Photo:

Arts Center. Several dozen Balinese lads for 30-40 minutes temperamentally shout out the word "kechak", sway, twist their limbs and fall into a trance. You also fall. Especially if after a plentiful aperitif. Now, when someone says the phrase "temperamental man", you can imagine not people of Caucasian nationality and not Latin Americans, but exclusively Balinese kechak performers. 

China: raisin tour in seven steps

  China is big. It is clear. Still -  "Celestial". Although it should be noted that "Celestial" in Chinese means "peace", not China. So the whole world is mistaken in calling China "Celestial". And the Chinese don't mind. Because the prospect of sooner or later becoming the whole world in China is more than real.

You can "fly" into China in different ways: from the north (Beijing) and from the south (say, Shanghai). It is very logical to fly to Beijing. Or rather, in Beijing. And then make a tour of China, then return to Beijing. And joyfully fly home.

  Here, on the one hand, there is a standard set of "tour miracles". These are truly miracles, not to see which, once in China, is simply a sin. On the other hand, there are some "highlights" that "bring" the overall impression "to mind". You know, like wine. There is a smell, a taste, and there is a “loop”. Aftertaste. The trail is the trick. 

 China. Beijing
China. Beijing. Tiananmen Square. Photo:

Now: if about a set of miracles and about “raisins adjoining them”. If you have a couple of weeks, then you should do something like this.

    1. First, after arriving in Beijing, you, of course, go to Tiananmen Heavenly Peace Square and the Gugong Imperial Palace (Purple Forbidden City). There you are stuffed to the bone with all sorts of gates, walls, pavilions, like & nbsp; The Pavilion of the Contact of Heaven and Earth, the Gate of Supreme Harmony, the Wall of Nine Dragons, etc. All this is very cool. You will certainly be taken to the Yonghegun Lama Temple, the Temple of Heaven and the silk market. And they will do it right. But! Zest. Be sure to go to the antique Lyulichan street. Usually they bring it there for about 30 minutes. Walk back and forth. Would like to spend more time there. You don't need to buy anything. Then buy the same thing, but cheaper - in the province. But you need to look, touch and smell the capital's "celestial" antiques.

   2. You go to the Great Wall of China and visit the tombs of the Ming Dynasty. There are no special highlights here. That is, it is a solid "raisin", since you will never see anything like it anywhere else.

  3. Next, you take a local flight to Xi'an, the ancient capital of China. Here - Banpo (parking lot of the era of matriarchy). Terracotta army of Emperor Qin Shi Huang. Big Wild Goose Pagoda. You will definitely be taken to the “dumpling banquet” (here in Shaanxi province, everything is fine with dumplings).

   The highlight is about the same as in Beijing, only with shopping. There is an old antique Wen Huajie street. Everything is very authentic. There are also tea shops, artists' workshops, etc. & nbsp; Everything is pretty cheap and interesting.

   4. You arrive in Luoyang. Homeland, by the way, peonies. From there, there is a path to two "software places - & nbsp; a) Buddhist temples-grottoes Lunmen ("Dragon Gate") and the famous Shaolin. 

China. Shaolin Wushu Master< br> China. Wushu master. Photo:

  The highlight is, of course, the performance of wushu masters. It is usually arranged for an additional fee, very touching, $ 15. (Tip: eat before visiting Shaolin, because a vegetarian soy lunch in Shaolin is impossible by definition). 

    5. From Luoyang you fly to Guangzhou (Canton). They most often offer a rather meaningless tour of the city. Usually it turns into standing in traffic jams. Not! Walk around the city on your own and go to the Qingping Market. Cantonese eat everything from cockroaches to dogs. In the Qingping market, all this is sold. Although "warm-blooded food" such as dogs and monkeys is now illegal to sell, the "spectrum" of food is still impressive.

   6. From Guangzhou you fly to Hainan Island and soak there for 5-6 days. Some continue the excursion marathon and also go to Shanghai, and then to Macau and Hong Kong. Perhaps it's pointless. Susceptibility after everything seen completely atrophies. To go, sorry, just check in? Doubtful, however. Leave all this for the future. After relaxing in Hainan, you fly to Beijing.  

China. Hainan Island
China. Hainan Island. Photo:

    7. In Beijing, go to say goodbye to a) the Beijing Opera and b) the Beijing hutong. The one-story hutong area is an old Beijing quarter. The poor used to live here. Now it is a very prestigious place. Something like Arbat. You can visit the house of some "Khutunov". Courtyard, veranda, chickens. It seems to be nothing special, but a very pleasant “loop” remains. In general, these are charming places where you can drink tea and just relax, enjoying the ancient way of life of the Chinese. This is another question, what will be remembered more - the Great Wall of China or one of the hutongs. Honestly.

Life-affirming India

   The fact that India is the whole Universe is clear. I think that India is at least a few "Europes". So the statement "I was in India" is rather ridiculous. According to conservative estimates, in order to get at least an initial general idea of this Universe, one has to visit its different places 12-15 times. Delhi and the Taj Mahal, Khajuraho and Benares, Bihar and Mumbai - all these are as different worlds as Norway and Portugal or Iceland and Cyprus.

If you have not been to India yet, but are going to join this country , we must begin, so to speak, with Joyful India. That is, if you immediately go to Mumbai and look at this multimillion-dollar anthill city, you will completely beat off any appetite for India. It is hardly advisable to start with the burning of corpses in the Ganges in the city of Benares.

India. Goa
India. Goa. Photo:

Let's start with Joyful India. You are arriving in Goa. Relax in this wonderful place. And then fly with Goa on a local flight, for example, to Rajasthan, to the city of Jaipur. Three days. Both Rajasthan and Goa are very life-affirming places.

Well, with Goa everything is more or less clear. Boundless, like our steppes, sandy beaches. Local merchants, who have already mastered the Russian language to such an extent that they have a lot to learn from the Russians. Perhaps a girl named Sunnita will meet you on one of the beaches and say: “Hi, sailor! Do you have any money?”.

There is nothing special to see in Goa (from cultural monuments). Portuguese colonial style. You can go to the fish market. Rich. Be sure to attend the enchanting & nbsp; sunsets. Here they are like a show. After the sun finally sets on the ocean, the multinational crowd on the beach applauds in unison. Sunset therapy in Goa is an obligatory element of the program.

In Rajasthan, everything is wonderful with monuments. Here were the legendary Maharajas. The palaces of Rajasthan are the height of elegance and sophistication. If you have money, you need to stay in Jaipur in a hotel made in the style of Maharajas. Feel like a raja. By the way, it's not that expensive. Like three stars in Paris.

India. Rajasthan
India. one of the palaces of Rajasthan. Photo:

Rajasthan is the most peaceful place on earth. He's just unique. Here Islam and Hinduism coexisted for centuries, and they never quarreled. Thanks to the wise Maharajas. And now Muslims and Hindus do not quarrel here. Religions are intertwined. Gurias learn Sanskrit here. Hindus honor Fatma.

The city of Jaipur is all shades of purple and henna. It is pink-orange. Elephants here smile wisely at camels slender as warriors.

And in Jaipur, you need to buy some precious stone. It is one of the jewelry capitals of the world. And - again! - inexpensive.

And there is also a network of antique shops. The shops are called Ali Baba's Cave. Tens of thousands of charming things. You can buy, you can not buy. But spending a few hours in such a shop, poking around in quirky oriental antiques, is a must. 

India. Jaipur
India. Jaipur.Photo:

And here you have to ride elephants.

And buy batik.

A more...

In general, we agreed: Goa - Jaipur.


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