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In the Thai province of Phang Nga, on the Adaman coast, there is an amazingly beautiful secluded resort place for a family holiday - the Khao Lak resort, which can be considered the opening of the season - at least for most Russians planning their holidays in Thailand. First of all, it attracts tourists with its long beaches with soft sand and crystal clear waters of the sea, beautiful rocky bays and waterfalls of perfect beauty.

However, this is not all that the resort can offer its guests. Yes, there are no noisy nightclubs here, in the evenings another life comes here - calm and measured. In short, this is a paradise for those who know a lot about relaxation. It overtakes everywhere - in spa centers, massage parlors, on the coastline, where a cool breeze calmly rolls from the sea, and even in local cafes, where you can arrange a real belly feast for yourself relatively inexpensively.

Most Russians tourists who prefer Pattaya and Phuket, this Thai resort is not yet very well known, although it is only a hundred kilometers from the long-hyped Phuket: apparently, the force of inertia is great, and, perhaps, stereotypes. However, Khao Lak is able to offer its guests a variety of outdoor activities and entertainment, which are harmoniously combined with a calm and relaxed atmosphere. And the tourist infrastructure here is at the highest level: hotels, shops, restaurants fully comply with world standards for a respectable and at the same time relaxed holiday. On Khao Lak, you can choose a tour for every taste and budget - which, in fact, is what most Thai resorts are famous for. For this, many foreigners fell in love with Khao Lak - for some reason, Scandinavians most of all.

Thailand . James Bond Islands. Photo:

By the way, Khao Lak is also a very convenient base point for traveling to the neighboring islands - Similans, Surins. From here it is also convenient to get to the Khao Sok and Khao Lak national parks, as well as to the amazingly beautiful Phang Nga Bay and some other places that attract travelers like a magnet.

Someone likes Khao Lak more because it is quiet and calm here - for example, families with children and couples in love who love romantic adventures. They do not tolerate fuss and large crowds of people. The main resort life in this place begins in November and lasts until about the beginning of the rainy season, which pours abundantly from mid-April. True, there are no tropical continuous showers even in the so-called low season - but traveling at this time will help save a lot - after all, the cost of everything drops noticeably, and discounts can be received not only in hotels, but also in local cultural and entertainment centers. As for excess moisture, heavy precipitation often falls at night - you sleep better under them.

Thailand has always been famous for active water activities. Photo:

The peak season is the Christmas holidays. There's nothing you can do about it, prices traditionally rise everywhere. For active travelers, of course, the dry season is better suited. Such people like to move around a lot in search of adventure and impressions, which, of course, is difficult to do when there are puddles everywhere. And the famous Similan Islands, for example, cannot be reached at all during the “bad” period - trips there simply stop.

The village of Bang La On is the center of Khao Lak. Here is the most developed recreation infrastructure - hotels of various "star" ratings, numerous restaurants and travel agencies, massage parlors for every taste - in general, everything a tourist can need. In other towns of the resort, the "tourist set" is somewhat more modest, but these places have their own hidden advantages - enchanted solitude and some kind of universal calm spilled around. For some, this is exactly what you need!

Thailand, Khao Lak. Five-star hotel Manathai Khao Lak.  Photo: 

People come to Khao Lak, first of all, to the beaches, some of which are so quiet and secluded that they may seem completely wild. In part, it is so, but romantic natures are torn here, to the northern or southern tip of the resort. For obvious reasons, parents with children prefer to relax in the central one: the service is the most modern - the areas by the sea are equipped with sunbeds and umbrellas, there are many cafes and decent restaurants around where you can eat deliciously, and the hotels are the most respectable, although there are many budget hotels in the vicinity .

Ba La On beach makes the best impression: if necessary, you can hide from the scorching rays of the sun under palm trees and trees, between which hammocks are fixed, clean soft sand, clear azure water in the sea, the entrance to which is very comfortable . Although this place is the busiest in the resort, there is never much excitement on the beach due to its length. Approximately the same atmosphere reigns on some other beaches of Khao Lak - everywhere you can go snorkeling, that is, swim in a mask and with flippers, enjoying the views of underwater landscapes and the colorful world of marine life.

The beaches of Khao Lak make the most pleasant impression. Photo:

Khao Sok National Park is one of the most beautiful in Thailand. From Khao Lak it takes about an hour to get there. For tourists, the park has a lot of all kinds of entertainment: rafting, trekking through the jungle, elephant rides, swimming in waterfalls, visiting caves and much, much more. In fact, one day in this park is sometimes not enough, but the problem is solved simply: you can spend the night in one of the hotel houses on Lake Cheow Lan. On the shore you can rent both a boat and a kayak for water walks. The "highlight" of the park is the giant flower rafflesia, the largest in the world, its diameter is one meter, and it weighs ten kilograms.

Khao Lak National Park - Lam Ru is somewhat different from Khao Sok. Here you get the impression that you really find yourself in a real wild jungle, a kind of kingdom of giant trees, among which a great many marvelous birds and animals are hiding. Restless monkeys scurry around, even gibbons and Asiatic bears are found.

The Similan Islands are a paradise for romantics. Photo:

Divers have chosen the Similan and Surin Islands for themselves, the underwater world of which is striking in its diversity and richness of colors. Tempting blue sea, perfect beaches and lush jungle - what else do you need to feel like Robinson Crusoe or Jacques-Yves Cousteau at least for a short period of time? These islands are also considered national parks.

A trip to Phang Nga Bay leaves a pleasant impression. Surprisingly beautiful islands are located in its vicinity - the most famous of them is called "James Bond Island". Any local travel agency offers a large selection of trips for those who are not used to sitting still, enjoying only the warm waters of the sea and the sun's rays, under which the skin turns bronze in a matter of days. In a word, the resort of Khao Lak can be a discovery even for those who have long been in love with holidays in Thailand and - it would seem! - knows everything about this country, well, or almost everything.



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