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Many people consider crickets to be pests, as these insects spoil things, fruits and vegetables. True, some romantic natures like to listen to their uncomplicated singing and chirping on dark nights. But in some Asian countries, various dishes are prepared from crickets.

What can I say - whole dishes are prepared from them! It should be noted that they are quite edible. Therefore, these insects are bred solely for the sake of the "holiday of the stomach."

In China, crickets have been used for a long time - at one time they were more an object of fun, when many Chinese almost without exception played sweepstakes, betting on the fights of these insects . Well, so that the “waste goods” do not disappear for nothing, the omnivorous Chinese, who know how to make quite decent dishes from everything that runs, flies and crawls, began to gobble up crickets with pleasure. And also their larvae. And they are still eating!

Exotic food

Other Asian countries are trying to keep up with the Chinese. In the Philippines, for example, crickets are even raised on special farms - exclusively for food. And if you are too lazy to do this, then they simply collect insects in their fields. The method of collecting the cricket mass is quite simple: you need to fill the field with water, and then, without much difficulty, collect the living creatures that have surfaced. Then the fun begins: the harvested "harvest" is boiled in an acetic solution and then fried in butter, after which a simple dish, of course, is eaten.

But in Vietnam, crickets are fried in ... fat. Further, the resulting substance is mixed with peanuts and served as a side dish, sometimes as part of rice dishes. Some Vietnamese housewives put insects in a jar before cooking. Its neck is smeared with oil from the inside - this is done so that the crickets do not crawl out. After a day or two, when the intestines of insects are empty, you can eat them with the whole family - then the food will not have a bitter taste. And how to cook the hostess decides for herself. It is not necessary to fry at all - you can dry it well in a bag near the fire. The result is crunchy crickets, which are also used to prepare other dishes, such as pies or avocados stuffed with crickets.

Fried crickets

Another way to cook something from crickets is to soak these insects, which have turned into, one might say, seeds, in local intoxicating drink. Then you get a tincture called "Intoxicating crickets." The benefits of it are double - it will make noise in your head and satisfying. 

But, perhaps, in terms of sophistication, the Thais outdid everyone, preferring to cook dishes from crickets in curry sauce or put them in coconut cream with spices. And you can eat all this wrapped in coconut leaves.

However, such "cricket cooking" is hardly to be found today in famous tourist places in Thailand -  it is found mainly in provincial restaurants and public catering eateries. And there, by the way, they can offer something else - a casserole with crickets, and Jumping Melon Salad, and Tomatoes with Crickets, and something else. A tourist who is not accustomed to such food flatly refuses to eat it.

Photo: bljuda-iz-nasekomyh

At home, local housewives prefer simpler cricket dishes. First, they fry the insects in a wok pan, then sprinkle with salt - and all the household happily click these crickets-seeds. Not a bad appetizer, by the way! Approximately the same way of cooking crickets is in Cambodia, where even nasty and creepy-looking tarantulas are dried and eaten.

However, many Asian peoples are on a “cricket diet” - someone does not fool their heads with ingenious cooking, but simply takes and literally picks out insects from underground. But many Asians still like to eat crickets roasted over hot coals or over an open fire.

They are also caught with a net. Easier than simple: you just need to set up lanterns next to the cricket holes and wait a bit for the naive bugs to crawl out of them.  However, the easiest way is to fill the fields with water, and then harvest. Those who have refrigerators at home drag the insects there while still alive. After some time, crickets that have fallen into an unusual habitat fall into a "coma" state, the cold limits their mobility, which greatly simplifies the process of washing the bugs. And crickets can be put on a special diet for several days, feeding them with bananas, for example. Or vegetables. Or fruit. To then fry. But the food will have its own specific flavor - fruity.

Dried crickets

If you really want to, you can also cook deep-fried cricket dish. This cooking method has its obvious advantages - you do not need to tear off the legs and wings, because after frying they become crispy on the outside and soft inside. And why not eat the whole thing? Cricket eggs are a real delicacy. And it is prepared accordingly.

Even Europeans seem to have figured out the "cricket diet" in recent years - cricket dishes have begun to appear in some exotic restaurants. Some people like it. And one American company once launched a sugar-free candy flavored with mint liqueur and a cricket inside. True, they say that later went bankrupt.

Cricket dishes are, of course, very tasty for many Asian peoples. But from cicadas - no worse. It turns out that these insects are also eaten. Yes, they are much larger than crickets - therefore, they can satisfy hunger faster. Caught in approximately the same way as crickets - with the help of lamps and nets. Only now the most fastidious gourmets happen to males and cull them - it is believed that they are less tasty than females.

Food from cicadas is prepared in a similar way - first they are fried in a pan or over an open fire, strung on small bamboo sticks. And you can also steam it, and after removing the hard shell, click like seeds. Some gourmets eat the tender meat of female cicadas raw.

This method of cooking is also not very intricate. First you need to crush the insect meat in a mortar or blender, adding pepper, onion, garlic and some juice. That's it - all that remains is to apply the resulting thick mass on bread or crackers. Cheap and cheerful!  



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