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Batumi is the main city of Georgian Adjara, one of the most attractive assets of which is the sea.

The cleanest and most comfortable beaches are still not within the city, but in the Batumi suburbs - Gonio, Kabuleti, Ureki ... In the city itself, the best places for a beach holiday are those located in the area of the Park of Miracles and the city center. Batumi is also famous for its bright and rich sunsets, which you want to look at dreamily forever.

It is difficult to imagine Georgia without a magnificent feast. It is never complete without excellent Georgian wine. By the way, there are many wine cellars in Batumi - sort of temples of wine. Each has its own special magic, its own unique atmosphere, its own charm and its own attraction. Free tasting is offered in almost every wine cellar, and it’s up to you to limit yourself to tasting wine or holding a feast.

In Batumi, you can also go to one of the many bars in the city to visit a chacha set in one of them , where you will be told a lot of interesting things about such a drink as chacha - a real Georgian chacha. Naturally, they will give and taste so that your opinion about this Georgian heritage will change dramatically. For the better, of course.

Only after a hearty meal and tasting, you don't have to go to Wonder Park to take a ride on the Ferris Wheel, which offers a beautiful view of the surroundings. Better to do it on another day. And after libations and a plentiful meal, it is still preferable to shake the fat by climbing on foot to the Alphabet Tower - an observation deck from which, at a glance, the whole city opens up. This tower resembles a huge spaceship hovering in the air above the sea and the city.

Also, after tasting, in a quiet and cozy evening, it's nice to spend time at the Singing Fountains, where a real music and light show unfolds. A very beautiful sight!

Many tourists who have visited Georgia more than once consider Adjara one of the most interesting regions of the country in terms of historical and natural attractions. Indeed, if desired, inquisitive natures in this fertile region find a lot of interesting things - for example, the Church of the Holy Trinity on Mount Sameba, the Roman fortress in Gonio, the most beautiful waterfalls in Sarpi and Makhuntseti. And the Batumi Botanical Park, where a huge number of plants are planted, also does not leave anyone indifferent.

In a word, welcome to hospitable Batumi!

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