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Recently, the emirate of Sharjah has become one of the most favorite places for connoisseurs of a calm and measured holiday. Sharjah is the capital of the emirate and the third largest city in the UAE.

Children like to relax in Sharjah. They do not have to languish with boredom, drearily watching how their parents spend endlessly in serene bliss on the beach or by the hotel pool, enjoying sunbathing and water treatments, and in the evenings they storm shopping centers in search of the next “exclusive”. On the other hand, family tourists who come to Sharjah can feel calm, especially without worrying about their children - there are never noisy parties here, no loud youth parties. In general, the temptation to lose your child at least for some time is out of sight.

The best time of the day, when the rest turns into a pleasure for the whole family, begins in the late afternoon. The heat of the day subsided - just the right time to go to the Al-Kasba park area. Almost all city entertainments are concentrated here. There are really a lot of attractions - as well as ice cream stalls, around which kids scurry every now and then. Every evening, chic illumination of trees and fountains is turned on - they are a real decoration of this place. Beautiful, unusual - and simply pleasing to the eye! The main attraction for many kids is the tour on the Ferris wheel. Amazing views from the bird's eye view. And children just love to ride with the breeze in water taxis. For the little ones, a special playground has been built in the park. 

UAE. Sharjah
Night Sharjah. Photo:

For some, a family holiday with children in the emirate may seem inferior without visiting the Arabian Wildlife Center. This is a huge theme park, literally immersed in greenery. Thousands of animals have been brought here from different parts of the world - even adults do not get bored & nbsp; spend hours watching the habits of snakes, cheetahs, deer, wolves and other representatives of the animal world, and even more so for children.

Aquapark in Sharjah  - universally recognized entertainment, it is loved by both children and their parents. A beautiful place - with a whole cascade of giant pools and long pedestrian tunnels inside the aquariums. You walk along them, watching with a breath for the serenely passing by & nbsp; sea inhabitants. Children - especially the smallest ones - come to an indescribable delight from what they see. Still would! Here is a somewhat fussy parrot fish with its mouth-beak, one pebble after another, collecting from them only food visible to it; here is a blissfully peaceful manta, languidly waving its huge wings, cuts one circle after another, paying no attention to anyone; and here  a small shark rushes by, menacingly exposing the palisade of its not so small teeth ...

Teenagers are more attracted to the Al Jazeera amusement park. Here the attractions are already more serious. The center is located on an island in the Khalid Lagoon. Even family picnics are not forbidden in this very green and cozy place. Al Jazeera is ideal for a family holiday: you can swim in the pools, play billiards, bowling or “hang out” in the video game parlor. where monkeys, deer and a great many birds live. You can ride the railway through the park area - stops, as they say, on demand. It also offers visitors the pastoral pleasure of a serene boat ride on the lagoon.

UAE. Sharjah Discovery Center
Sharjah Discovery Center .  Photo:

Many tourists vacationing in Sharjah with children very often still make "duty" trips to shopping centers. Of course, there is no such abundance of shopping malls as in Dubai. But, nevertheless, the emirate created the necessary conditions for its guests.  Well, if your favorite children are nearby, who, as a rule, introduce you into a state of cognitive dissonance with their whining during such an important & nbsp; Events? If desired, this problem can be solved quite simply: a child can be "bricked up" for a couple of hours in a children's entertainment center under the supervision of experienced educators. He will never be bored there, which means he won't have to…

When the family completes its shopping and entertainment event, it suddenly comes to the understanding that everyone has just worked up a brutal appetite. This problem is solved right there on the spot - in one of the cozy restaurants, of which there are a great many within the walls of the shopping mall. Not only Arabic cuisine is offered - as elsewhere in the UAE, Sharjah appreciates and respects its guests, so they prepare their usual dishes for them. To do this, restaurant owners invite chefs from different countries. It is clear that customers have no problems finding European cuisine menus. 

UAE. Sharjah
There are beaches in Sharjah two types - public and private. Photo:

In a word, a family vacation in Sharjah turns out to be rich and varied. Traveling to this emirate is on average cheaper than visiting other popular resorts in the UAE. A special feature of Sharjah is the provision of significant discounts to those tourists who come with children. Such families pay a special rate when visiting almost any paid event or place.

Although Sharjah borders on the desert, its exhausting breath is not particularly felt in the seaside areas, although the summers here are really hot. Comfortable heat is established in the second half of September and continues until May, when the air temperature is around 24-26 degrees.

There are two types of beaches in Sharjah - public and private (usually hotel). The latter are better equipped, but visiting them is accompanied by additional expenses - you will have to pay for the entrance. On the other hand, in those beach areas that are considered free, you still need to pay money for sunbeds and umbrellas, unless, of course, there is a desire to take them. A rather ticklish moment for many Europeans is that on some beaches, women may be faced with the need to sunbathe in ... clothes, a T-shirt or even a dress. You always have to remember that Sharjah is an emirate where tourists are least inclined to make indulgences in terms of observing the ethical standards of Sharia.


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