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In the spring, after a long winter, we traditionally have an acute desire to change the situation and indulge ourselves with a trip to a place where there is a lot of greenery, the sun shines brightly, and people smile and are in no hurry. One of such places where it is possible to throw off the winter fatigue from the shoulders is Antalya in Turkey. A trip to one of the resorts of this Turkish region becomes an excellent cure for prolonged stress, gives vigor and good mood. 

The advantages of Antalya, which is also called the Turkish Riviera, as a spring holiday destination are quite obvious: a short flight from Russia, excellent climatic conditions for recreation, including with children, modern tourist infrastructure, numerous ancient monuments, optimal price / quality ratio.

Antalya, traditionally one of the Turkish resorts most beloved and mastered by Russians, continues to pleasantly surprise with comfort, service and cordiality of the attendants. For someone especially memorable, a vacation at this resort may seem in the so-called off-season, for example, in the second half of April or in May - early June, when hotel prices, even super-luxury ones, are very sparing.

On the other hand, at this time of the year, especially at the end of spring, it is already quite warm in Turkey, the water warms up to such a state that many people decide to swim not only in the outdoor pools that are in every hotel, but also in the sea. And Antalya has always been famous for its large selection of excursion programs.

Turkey. Antalya.

Turkey. Antalya. August 29, 2016. Vacationers on the territory of the Kremlin Palace hotel. Photo: Alexander Demyanchuk / TASS

Modern Antalya is a big city, but tourists, as a rule, do not stop in the city itself, but usually go to one of the resort regions. Natural sandy beaches begin somewhere near the town of Lara - about 15-20 kilometers from the city. Almost all Turkish hotels have their own beaches - even in those that are on the second line, funiculars descend to them.

Antalya has been known since ancient times - once she was called Attalia or Attaleia. He founded the city in II BC. the ruler of Bergama, Attalos II, who, as the legend says, ordered to find a place on earth that would remind him of paradise. This beautiful place was found on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea - where modern Antalya is located today. At least, such a legend is told by Turkish guides.

For many centuries the city was ruled by the Romans, Byzantines, Seljuks, Ottomans... All of them left behind a historical heritage: the Romans - a picturesque port, the impressive architecture of the magnificent Hadrian's Gate, which was erected in honor of the great Roman emperor who visited city in 130 BC; In the 13th century, the Seljuk Turks built the Yivli Minaret, which is also known as the Great Mosque, the symbol of Antalya. This, of course, is not a complete list of what causes sincere admiration among tourists.

Turkey. Antalya.
Turkey. Antalya. Resident of the city at the gates of Emperor Hadrian. Photo: Sergey Bobylev/TASS

A unique place - the Old Town, where wooden houses, mosques and picturesque shops nestled on crooked narrow streets, where it is pleasant to rest after visiting local sights. This place has a special unique atmosphere, which makes no sense to talk about - it is better to see and appreciate it once. And you can try a lot of things in the Old City, from excellent Turkish coffee to the famous sour chorba soup.

Antalya's hotels are its pride and the basis of prosperity . The Germans, known for their exceptional exactingness, began to develop the resort. It was they who raised the standard of recreation high, and the Turks turned out to be good students.

Vacationing in Turkey and sitting all the time on the beach or by the pool in a hotel means depriving yourself of many vivid impressions. You need to travel along the Turkish coast, for example, by renting a car. Better yet, a yacht. By the way, in April-May, the cost of renting a yacht is much less than in the high season.

Do not deny yourself the pleasure of visiting the legendary Ephesus, as well as the house of the Virgin Mary, located near Kusadasi. In Pamukkale there are quaint calcium terraces - a unique natural phenomenon.

We will definitely visit the ancient towns of Side, Perge and Aspendos, where the Roman theater and aqueducts are still perfectly preserved. If the rest time is not regulated by one week, then you can safely order a 3-day tour of Cappadocia to see the ancient underground cities that arose back in the era of the first Christians. Houses and churches carved into the rocks are remembered for a long time. By the way, it was in Cappadocia that a number of episodes of the Star Wars movie saga were filmed.

Antalya attracted not only lovers of beach holidays and history. Anyone who loves thrills also finds activities to their liking. Yes, the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Turkey is somewhat inferior to the Red Sea in the diversity of the underwater world, but for divers there is complete expanse - they organize scuba diving to the ancient sunken cities, where, if you're lucky, you can still find fragments of old gizmos. Divers also chose underwater caves with grottoes for diving. Karaburun Bay in Alanya is one of their favorite places.

In the vicinity of Antalya there are many opportunities for rafting, as the local rivers are rather wayward, they are found in abundance with rapids of various categories of complexity, "barrels" and whirlpools. A special pleasure for someone is the passage of whirlpools, where the current breaks up into several streams. One whirlpool throws forward, and the other - back. Therefore, rowers sitting on one side of the raft row in one direction, and on the other - in the opposite direction. Good test for muscle tone!

Turkey. Antalya.

Turkey. Antalya. August 27, 2017. A cyclist on one of the streets of the city. Photo: Sergey Bobylev/TASS

Tired of water procedures? Then it's time to go on a jeep safari to the Beyadaglari mountain range. The Turkish mountains, although not very high, are picturesque. After a dusty road - it's time to swim in some stream, they are found in the mountains quite often. After splashing in crystal clear water, you can move on, in order, in the end, to stop at some restaurant nestled under a century-old plane tree and taste silver trout. With hot sauce - you will lick your fingers!

In the evening, after an active trip through the mountains, you should definitely find time and go to the hammam - a Turkish bath, which is available in almost any hotel. This is a kind of tourist attraction. The main attribute is a large hot stone, chebek, a marble slab. Washing yourself is not a pleasure, let the massage therapist help you do it better - he will do it masterfully, he will be remembered for a long time.


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