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One of Singapore's largest construction projects is Changi Airport. To build it, it was necessary to destroy almost 600 buildings and change the course of three rivers. Today it is the main air port of the country with several autonomous terminals where you can spend time as if you were in some fashionable resort.

Anyone who has visited Singapore calls this city a shopper's paradise. If this is true, then Changi Airport is its golden gate.  Behind the modern design of the three terminals lies a luxurious shopping mall. If it weren’t for the huge scoreboard, where information about the arrival and departure of airliners constantly flashes, then one would think that this is a super-modern entertainment center - or at least a shopping center. Changi Airport at one time really became one of the most grandiose structures in terms of its scale and architecture.

Almost every year this air harbor is recognized by international aviation organizations and associations of business passengers as the most convenient in the world. In the ranking of the best airports in the world, Changi invariably occupies a leading position. & nbsp; Even today, the airport perfectly satisfies the needs of passengers, and not only foreigners, but local residents who come here to unwind or take part in some significant event - an exhibition or a fun festival. 

Singapore. Changi Airport
Changi has ideal conditions for transit passengers. Photo:

Even before the commissioning of the third terminal in 2008, the throughput capacity of the air harbor was about 38 million people a year, which was ten years ago was considered a very good indicator among airports of the scale of Changi, which opened back in 1981. And in 2011, the annual passenger traffic grew to 46.5 million people.  Today, this bar is not only maintained, although the growth in passenger traffic & nbsp; not as high as before. Once, in the last quarter of the last century, Changi was considered the largest airport in the world. Then it was “overtaken” by the Hong Kong air port, and already in the 21st century other larger airports appeared in the world.
Until now, Changi remains a kind of “showcase” of Singapore. Its “zest” is that it was and remains the first airport in the world to offer very unexpected passenger service technologies. Today, they have been adopted by many air harbors of the world, because the competition between them is escalating from year to year, service systems are constantly being improved. From the very beginning of its work, the most pressing problems of passengers, especially transit ones, were solved at Changi Airport in an original way. Surprisingly, it is here that the well-known communist principle was embodied: “Everything is for the good of man!”

Many passengers waiting for their flights take part in various quiz shows regularly held at the airport with pleasure. Sometimes the airport resembles a game studio, where there is a presenter and spectators who take an active part in the game process. For the correct answers to questions, they receive not only moral satisfaction, but cash prizes. These shows are a huge success: there are many who want to participate in them.

Singapore. Changi Airport
Changi Airport can be considered the largest commercial area. Photo:

For "transit workers" in Changi, ideal conditions for recreation have been created. Various types of services and entertainment are offered: passengers get free rest at the hotel, they can have a great rest and even go in for sports, for example, going to the financial center. So, in Terminal No. 1 on the roof of one of the hotels there is a large swimming pool, which guests use for free, other passengers have to pay a little - the “package price” includes not only relaxation by the “reservoir”, but also related water and beach procedures, including one soft drink. 

Free tours to Singapore are organized from the second and third terminals. This bonus is received by those passengers whose transit transfer duration is up to a day, but more than six hours. Also at the airport there are recreation areas with soft and comfortable reclining chairs, each of which is equipped with sockets for recharging gadgets. Even in this air harbor there are a huge number of shops selling a different range of goods. The airport is literally "stuffed" with restaurants serving dishes of various cuisines of the world - European, Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Indian, Japanese ... & nbsp;

Singapore. Changi Airport
One of the airport's recreation areas. Photo:

Many people who find themselves at Changi Airport agree that it resembles a garden city: indeed, everywhere, like in a greenhouse, grow trees and shrubs of unprecedented beauty, and inside all this splendor there are ponds with goldfish, fountains and ... gardens. There are many of them - there are gardens of orchids, sunflowers, ferns ... By the way, about the cinema: it is free at the airport, for some reason Singaporeans like to visit it. Apparently, they see this as an opportunity to save a little.
Passengers communicate with airport employees at special desks called “video assistant”. With a light press of a button, the passenger receives answers to all his questions.

Changi can rightfully be considered one of the largest shopping centers in Singapore. The total size of retail space is over 100 thousand square meters. The same “shopaholics” who are in transit at this airport do not have to regret that they did not have the opportunity to get into the city - almost any product that is sold in Singapore can be purchased at Changi - starting from a fabulously priced diamond necklace and ending with a regular razor.

Singapore. Changi Airport
A well-known communist principle has come true in Changi: “Everything is for the good of man!” Photo:

It was at Changi that for the first time in the world they tested the passenger security system, which combines registration and immigration checks. Once the electronics complete the passenger's identity check, the touch screen allows the passenger to check in and select a seat on the plane. High-tech systems perform a complete verification of a person's identity in less than two minutes.

Changi has so often received prestigious awards and accolades from travelers also because everything here is arranged for people and serves one single purpose - to provide maximum comfort passengers. In a word, an excellent airport from where you can fly to sixty countries of the world and 240 cities.

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