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Media resource "Greater Asia" continues the series of exclusive interviews made within the framework of the largest international forum dedicated to the development of cities World Urban Forum, which takes place on February 8-10 under the auspices of the UN in the capital of the UAE, Abu Dhabi.

Forum participant Sergei Lyovkin, head of the Department of Urban Planning Policy of the city of Moscow, answers questions.

For the first time, Moscow takes part in such a grandiose world forum. The attention is very big. How are the Moscow Urban Forum and the international forum related?

The idea of participating in the World Urban Forum did not come about by chance. We knew about it, we saw it in the grid of the year and always focused on the Moscow forum so that they would not overlap. For two years now we have been inviting the Executive Director of UN Habitat, who is the organizer of the World Urban Forum, we received an invitation from her to take part in this event. 

Some time ago, 5-6 years ago, when we only experience of urban planning, the world's best practices in the implementation of these practices in Moscow, it would be difficult for us to come and tell something.

Today we feel confident at this exhibition. We now have the opportunity not only to see the world's best urban practices, but also to show what Moscow has done, committed to the goals of sustainable development, and, as you know, there are 17 of them, consistently implementing everything that is necessary to make the city more comfortable, more favorable, prosperous and life in it became better.

The main trend that is announced today is that cities will be enlarged and people will move to agglomerations. Will Moscow expand and become larger? 

More population means more provision of residents with all kinds of services. Yes, there is such a trend. But Moscow doesn't have the geometric magnification that experts or critics hear about. We are growing smoothly, within the framework of natural and migration growth - no more than 70-80 thousand people a year. This is a normal increase, not geometrical, when a country or a city fails to cope with the growth challenge, it happens harmoniously and consistently.

Moscow becomes a city of comfortable living. We are doing a special program "Moscow - the best city on Earth" with a foreign journalist. Foreigners say that over the past 5 years Moscow has changed. Has Moscow begun to align with urban planning policy with the creation of comfortable living conditions? 

This is a consistent policy pursued by Mayor Sergey Sobyanin, which was founded in 2011 year. This ideology also included urban planning policy that plans the development of the city, its territories, its transport sector, engineering infrastructure, social saturation, the availability of social facilities, schools, hospitals and clinics. The pace that has been gained will increase the comfort of living in the city more and more every year.



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