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In December, the Days of Moscow were held in the United Arab Emirates - this has become one of the most important elements of cooperation between our capital and Middle Eastern megacities. The large-scale program included official meetings, business and cultural events in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

The Big Asia TV channel became the official media partner of the Moscow Government as part of this grandiose event. Watch on our TV channel an exclusive interview with Sergey Cheremin, Minister of the Moscow Government, Head of the Department of Foreign Economic and International Relations of the Russian capital. Sergey Cheremin is talking to the general director of the media resource "Greater Asia" Alexander Lebedev.

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Alexander LEBEDEV: 

Hello, Sergey Evgenievich. We meet in Dubai at EXPO 2020, which, as you know, was delayed for a year due to the pandemic crisis. But what we see is the desire of people to communicate not online, but offline. People have missed live human communication, and we see that a person is defeating a pandemic. What is your impression of what you saw, of EXPO 2020? 

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Unfortunately, indeed, the pandemic has made very serious adjustments to the international activities of Moscow and all of our partners. You mentioned that the world “EXPO 2020” is being held with a delay of actually a whole year, but the fact that countries were able to overcome the critical point, vaccinate on time and, thanks to this, organize not just an online event, but a normal, well-prepared world exhibition is I consider it a great achievement, and the very quality of the exhibition, the organization of its infrastructure today at the highest level. 

The Russian Federation officially opened the pavilion, and one of the best pavilions at the world EXPO 2020 in terms of attendance, recognition, by content and by its amazing content. This is a pavilion that tells about the achievements of a great country, about its history. It is gratifying that the Moscow stand is part of the Russian exposition. We wanted to present at it the most modern achievements that Moscow has successfully implemented, and innovative solutions in its development. 

The number of people visiting the Moscow pavilion today breaks all records. It seems to me that the Moscow stand also attracts great attention of visitors, because it is an amazing success story of one of the largest megacities on the planet. In a short time, the capital of Russia managed to go through a literally revolutionary path, to prove that political will, the work of its citizens, the introduction of innovative technologies, such extraordinary strategic decisions can completely change the face of the city in a decade, make it comfortable, make it attractive both for citizens and for guests, and for those who want to bring their investments, their technologies, their knowledge to Moscow, to localize production. The Moscow exposition demonstrates to everyone that the city is really prepared for the opportunity to become the site where the world “EXPO” can be held in 2030. 

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Alexander LEBEDEV :

Of course, the Russian pavilion cannot be separated from Moscow, because Moscow is the capital of Russia, so the events that will be held in preparation for the EXPO 2030”, will raise the authority not only of Moscow, but also of the country. What tasks do you set as a minister for the Days of Moscow in Dubai?

Sergey CHERyoMIN:

This is the first time we have held events on such a scale which we call "Days of Moscow", "Days of Moscow Economy", "Days of Moscow Culture" in the United Arab Emirates. They will simultaneously take place in two emirates - Dubai and Abu Dhabi. And, probably, the distinguishing feature is that we tried to synchronize these events with the events held by the federal authorities, including the Day of Russia at the world EXPO 2020. The Prime Minister of the Russian Federation and the Mayor of Moscow took part in the grand opening of the Day of Russia and the raising of the flag. This imposes a very high degree of responsibility on us for the quality of holding the Days of Moscow. These are not only specialized conferences dedicated to foreign economic cooperation, mutual investments, discussions of opportunities to expand our ties in various sectors, but also excellent events in the field of culture. 

Today we discussed with representatives of the leadership of Dubai our intention is to participate in major international forums held in this country, in the United Arab Emirates, on a regular basis. This is a well-known financial forum, this is the international education exhibition GETEX, very interesting -arabskikh-emiratakh/">“Days of Moscow” in Abu Dhabi, they will be held for the first time in history. I hope this will be our serious contribution to the development of relations between our countries. We provided for the solemn signing ceremony of the Agreement between Moscow and Abu Dhabi. This program covers all areas of our inter-municipal cooperation. This includes urban planning, and the exchange of experience in the development of transport infrastructure, ecology, housing and communal services. 

Our colleagues from the UAE are interested in Moscow's solutions, which we use in such comprehensive programs as Safe City, "Smart city". They are very interested in the innovations recently introduced in the subway, when the face recognition system provides passage to the subway. Our solutions in the field of education are interesting, especially the Moscow Electronic School, our services in the field of providing services to citizens in electronic form. Today Moscow is one of the world leaders in this field. 

Alexander LEBEDEV:

that the volume of trade by the end of the year will amount to about 5 billion. This is a record trade turnover, we talked about this yesterday. What should be the directions of development in Russian-Emirati relations between Moscow and Dubai and other seven emirates? 

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The fact that the foreign trade turnover between our countries is growing steadily, although there was a negative trend during the pandemic, this just indicates the need to deepen relations between the two countries and that the potential for this cooperation is far not exhausted, and we still have a long way to go. The United Arab Emirates has become a kind of springboard or gateway to the countries not only of the Persian Gulf, but also to the countries of Africa. The country is actively interacting with India, with the region of Southern Europe, and the conditions that have been created today - both legislative and investment, for the presence of foreign business here - they are probably one of the most comfortable and most tolerant in the world. 

It is no coincidence that there are amazing authorities here - such as the Ministry of Tolerance, the Ministry of Happiness, the Ministry that deals with artificial intelligence, actually thinks about the future. 

This kind of transformation in power structures indicates that the country has stepped far enough in the development of the political establishment and in relations with its population. Therefore, it would be very interesting to continue studying mutual experience, including the experience of the United Arab Emirates: how such an advanced, but still not very large state managed to win in a serious struggle to host EXPO 2020. This is a unique practice of interaction with almost two hundred countries. After all, it was necessary to arrange these countries, it was necessary to prove and explain the motivation why they should feel good in the United Arab Emirates, and not in some other country that fought to host this EXPO. I think that we will study this experience, we will try to use it in our strategy of moving towards the intended goal. Still, any human communication should be carried out internally. Moreover, from an emotional point of view, such wonderful events can be felt and perceived only when you are directly present here. 

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Alexander LEBEDEV:

Of course, we could communicate with you using modern technologies, both by zoom and by other means of communication, but here you are talking about simple human communication - of course, this is a completely different level of relationships and communication. Thank you for the time you found in your busy schedule and for the meaningful conversation.

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