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As part of the XII Astana Economic Forum held in Kazakhstan, Minister of the Government of Moscow Sergey Cheremin spoke about the transformation of Moscow, the elimination of traffic jams, and mutual cooperation with the mayor of Nur-Sultan.

Sergey Evgenievich answered the questions of Inna Izykheeva, correspondent of the TV channel "Big Asia".

About the Forum

I consider the Forum, which takes place in Nur-Sultan, one of the most important elements in  communication along the entire length of the New Silk Road. This initiative was put forward by the leadership of China  and supported by the leaders of Kazakhstan, the Russian Federation and others  countries through which a unique  industrial and logistics transport corridor. 

The fact that hundreds of international experts, leaders of the world's largest cities and Asian countries have gathered at the forum today shows that the forum is very useful for us to exchange experience, talk about those trends, with whom  major cities collide peace, - this initiative  shows a positive trend of cooperation between states  not  only in the Eurasian space, but also internationally, and shows that some steps & nbsp; a number of countries, such as the United States, on the introduction of trade barriers, sanctions policies are contrary to the megatrends that  we are witnessing today the creation of the One Belt path. 

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Moscow – smart-city

Smart City is, first of all, the opportunity to use the most innovative & nbsp; urban development methods, to create a comfortable urban environment that would satisfy not only the needs of residents of the megacities themselves, but also attract significant tourist flows. Therefore, in my opinion, a smart city is not only a large number of data processing centers, the use of artificial intelligence, the use of blockchain, cloud data processing systems, it is not only a huge number of sensors or smart traffic lights, it also includes electronic education management systems, medicine. 

For example, a unique technology  -  unified management of medical institutions, which facilitated appointments with doctors, eliminated queues, and made it possible to optimize the provision of medical services. This includes an intelligent transport system that increases the mobility of the population, reduces accidents on the roads, and forces drivers to comply with traffic rules. This is the development of park areas, 5th generation communication systems, covering the city with Wi-Fi systems - all this creates a single infrastructure that can be called a smart city, because it is a single infra-environment that allows all residents, authorities to communicate online, including , to take into account all interests.

About Moscow traffic jams 

It is impossible to solve the problem instantly, it will require years of hard work. Undoubtedly, the introduction of the first phase of an intelligent transport traffic control system has already given an effect in Moscow. We pay great attention to the development of the Moscow metro, we have qualitatively improved public transport, the fleet of buses has been replaced & nbsp; new comfortable trams appeared in Moscow, all this allows & nbsp; residents of the city to change from private transport to comfortable public transport & nbsp; the speed of movement of passengers is increasing, a huge number of transport hubs are being built in Moscow, including those using the “dry feet” technology: in order to switch from one mode of transport to another, one does not have to go beyond the transport hub. These are all measures - they will give their effect. With all this in mind, the International Organization for the Development of Road Traffic and Transport awarded Moscow the first place for the sustainable development of public transport.

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The Union of Moscow and Nur-Sultan

We agreed to continue our fruitful cooperation. It has already shown its effectiveness: we have implemented a three-year cooperation program, and we agreed to develop a new one for 2019-2021. In the near future we will sign this program. We also agreed to continue the exchange of delegations of experts and specialists in various fields of the economy. We have ambitious plans for cooperation with the city of Nur-Sultan. 

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Views of the city of Nur-Sultan. 
Photo: Big Asia TV channel / Ksenia Antipova

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