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Thailand hosted the 35th ASEAN Business Investment Summit. The delegation of the Moscow Government was headed by Oleg Shutenko, Deputy Head of the Department for Foreign Economic and International Affairs. He answered the questions of the correspondent of the TV channel "Big Asia" Valeria Shurko.

Valery Shurko: 

Oleg Vladimirovich, as part of your professional activities, you often take part in major international events abroad. What are the features of this summit?

Oleg Shutenko:

Yes, indeed, the Moscow Government pays special attention to the development of international cooperation. Today Moscow is participating in the ASEAN summit. The summit is a platform that brings together participants from more than 20 countries. 

Valery Shurko: 

< i> A conference of the Government of Moscow took place within the framework of the summit. What are its results?

SHUTENKO Bangkok Conference 3.jpg
Oleg Shutenko:

The events held show a great interest in major infrastructure projects implemented in Moscow. Companies and administrations of large foreign cities that are part of the ASEAN countries are extremely interested in exchanging experience with Moscow regions with projects in the field of "Smart City" and "Save City" in the regions.

SHUTENKO Bangkok Conference 4.jpg

Valeria Shurko: 

How close is the FEMDS cooperation with partners in Asian countries?

SHUTENKO Bangkok Conference 5.jpg

Oleg Shutenko:

Exactly two years ago major events were held as part of the Days of Moscow in Bangkok. Also, literally within a month, the days of Moscow in Vietnam and a major conference in Singapore will be held. We invite colleagues from ASEAN countries to visit these events, where they can get acquainted with the latest achievements of Moscow in the field of city management, and naturally, we would like to invite our foreign partners to visit Moscow as part of our major international events and get acquainted live with the projects implemented in Moscow .  

SHUTENKO Bangkok Conference 6.jpg

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