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The TV channel "Big Asia" hosted a unique DANCE TELEMATHON, which was presented by the Ilze Liepa Charitable Foundation for the Promotion of the Development of Choreographic and Fine Arts with the support of the Presidential Grants Foundation and the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation. 

As part of the telethon, presenter Valery Rybkin talked with the founder of the Charitable Foundation and director of the Russian National Ballet School Ilze Liepa Maria Subbotovskaya. 

- Maria, tell us what project your collaboration with Ilze Liepa started with.

- This is a very interesting story. I was the creator and ideologist of the grandiose project of Doctor Loder fitness centers in 1999. We often traveled to large fitness forums, fitness conventions. I noticed an amazing direction - Pilates. Now it is known to everyone, before it was not. It was a curiosity. When I arrived in Russia, I contacted companies that promote the Pilates movement and decided to create the first Pilates studio in Russia.

I quickly found partners who conducted a great training and organized a studio that became successful. I wanted to find a partner and spread such Pilates studios around the country. 

Our meeting happened, I think it was predetermined. Ilse and I started to create a project called Pilates Institute, which still exists today. We teach almost the entire country both Pilates and postural training, the method kotoroe-mozhet-dat-interesnuyu-molodost-s-praviln/">Ilze Liepy. 

In the future, our idea is to train teaching staff in choreography on the basis of the Pilates Institute, ballet disciplines. 

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- Why did you choose ballet and not the circus, for example? You are from a circus family.

- Yes, I am from a circus family. I have, as I always said, two dads. One is a tightrope walker, the other is an aerialist and animal trainer. I also participated in circus performances. I also studied ballet. 

I came to this project thanks to my partner and my friend Ilse. Initially, we created a personal training studio for adults. This year our school is 20 years old. Creation and preparation for this school began much earlier, back in 2001.

The Russian National Ballet School appeared much later. Having slightly changed the concept, we thought that we should definitely pay attention to children. Therefore, since 2006, our legendary, first school-studio opened on Rublyovka. It was no coincidence, the results were amazing. For Zhukovka, a district of Moscow, this direction was very necessary. More than a hundred little girls used to visit us. Our classes have helped them a lot in life, because we know what amazing results these girls have achieved.

- And how was the Ilze Liepa Charitable Foundation, co-founded by you, created? How did it all start? 

- I don't separate the Foundation and the school. We came to the Foundation because we realized that we were doing a lot of interesting things within our school. Indeed, the amazing projects of our school later became projects of the foundation. We realized that we must acquaint our entire country with the projects that we did in Moscow.

Our task is to see how our country dances. That is why the Foundation was created. We have successfully started the project. At first it was a festival-competition, then a competition, then everything grew into a big one samare/?sphrase_id=3683471">The Rite of Spring Award.

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- What are the goals and objectives of the Foundation?< /i>

- We must definitely promote dance art. The task of our Foundation is to improve the qualifications of the teaching staff and enable children from all over our country to prove themselves on the stage of the best venues in Moscow. It's incredible! We can give a child the opportunity to participate in a project with amazing professionals and stars of dance art and ballet.

One of the main tasks of the Foundation was the search for talented children. Children themselves will not come, they sometimes do not know that they are talented. Our country is big. Our mission, the state of our soul is the desire to support a talented child. 

- What do you pay attention to when choosing teachers?

- 99% of success is the strength of the teaching staff. Ilse and I pay great attention to this. Therefore, we do not try to take stars, but we try to educate our own teaching staff in our company, in our school. 
Our school is 20 years old this year. Of course, we have tremendous experience and practice. Our school is commercial, we do everything ourselves: paying for the premises, electricity, salaries, advertising, and so on. Nobody gives us money. 

We must be interesting, productive, so that children are brought to us. This is a big job. This is not a circle. We realized that in our school we must do everything seriously, take several steps. Our teachers are selected by a large screening, where Ilze takes part, reviews personally. 

Now the greatest value and rarity in a teacher is charisma, love for his work. Unfortunately, these qualities are now very rare. Therefore, we have to re-educate and train our teachers. It takes a lot of time. 
When you accept a teacher, you will not immediately understand whether this is the person our school needs. You can be great, very charismatic, but if you cannot work and combine some interests with the company, then you will not work well and will not take root in our school. Therefore, the selection of teachers is a multifaceted, multi-stage process that requires tremendous attention. 

Our school has a very serious teaching staff. There are unique methodological developments. This is a combination of professionals and amateurs - children and parents who come to our school. 

We have an unusual concept: mother and child can study in one place on the same site. If you want to become a professional, we will do everything for this. For fans we have very interesting projects, interesting programs. 
Participation in the project is necessary to express yourself and become a harmonious personality. The composition is changing, being updated - this is very good. We travel a lot, we select methods, because life does not stand still. 

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- There are a lot of ballet schools in Moscow. Definitely a lot of competition. How are you different from others? What is special about you? 

- We have a very good teaching staff. We physiologically align the child, that is, we look at his features. If a child enters, then we have amazing programs collected around the world - these are the best recent methodological developments. Every year we travel, communicate with leading experts, gurus in their field, people who give health in sports, in ballet. 

We do a lot of work, using various technologies, so that the child has a base and knows his individual program, and could avoid injury in the profession.

This is unique. This is our mission. We want to create courses for teachers and mothers who need to know what to do and how to prevent injuries in the child. 

- What do you focus on in raising a child?

- Emphasis one - a harmoniously developed personality and health of the child. How to achieve this is another question. Our distinctive side is that we prepare any child, regardless of what kind of data he has. We instill in the child a love of art, good health, spirituality, discipline, the opportunity to develop, and also educate him in the best traditions. Everything that is needed for the harmonious development of the child is available in our school.

- What are the prospects for children at the end of the senior, middle classes? Where should they go next?

- It's good if the child came to us from the elementary grades and graduated from the senior ones. In middle school, we determine what kind of future a child has. If the child chooses and his mother agrees, then in high school we develop a special program for him, regardless of group classes, so that the child successfully enters any academy of choreography, school or any choreographic institution.

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- Our interview is being held as part of the Telethon dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the Children's and Youth Dance Contest "Sacred Spring". How important do you think it is to draw attention to choreographic art through informational support?

- It seems to me that now is such a difficult time…

Marathon is it's wonderful when you give people the opportunity to get involved, participate in it, be involved, get an incredible experience - that's the first time!

And, of course, this is a big and serious propaganda of dance, since we have a dancing country. Another great ballerina Anna Pavlova said that Italians are singers, and Russians are dancers, dancers. 

For us, dance is really our national pride, therefore, to attract as many participants in our country as possible is the task of our Marathon and our Fund. 

- And what is the future of the Prize and the Competition "Spring but the sacred one?

- I think we will continue to attract as many children as possible from all over the country, invent, organize something for them, implement projects with the help of the state in order to so that every child in our country can participate in such a grandiose project as The Rite of Spring and take part in a performance at the greatest stage of the Bolshoi Theater.

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