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The Caspian week is over, ahead is the week of interethnic cooperation.

From August 24-28, as part of the work of the project direction of the information and analytical portal of the IAC MSU | with the support of the Presidential Grants Fund, the first Young Analyst Laboratory was held MEDIATSIA: Caspian Week. 

RISS Ivan Ippolitov, Leading Researcher at MGIMO Sergey Markedonov, Senior Researcher at IMEMO RAS Stanislav Pritchin, and TASS Correspondent in Iran Nikita Smagin, Chief Vladislav Kondratiev, editor of the Caspian Vestnik analytical portal, Maria Kruse, head of the Sputnik video department in the CIS countries and the Baltics. More than 50 students, graduate students, young professionals from different regions of the Russian Federation and Central Asian countries became participants of the Laboratory. 

In a conversation with the editors of the IAC MGU | the participants of the first Lab shared their impressions of working together with MEDIATSIA. 

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How did you hear about the MEDIATSIA Laboratory ? How did you become a member? 

- I have been following the work of the IAC MSU for a long time | and saw information about the upcoming project in the event section on site. But I know that many participants have become part of the Laboratory thanks to the distribution in social networks. Now, of course, there are many schools and projects, but the Laboratory interested me, firstly, in the analytical agenda, and, secondly, I wanted to take part in the work of the portal. When I saw the information letter, it spoke about the need to write a short analytical text - an application, it was quite interesting for me to write my first text of this format. After the deadline, I was sent a response that I had successfully passed the selection. So, I became a member of the project. 

(Serafim Mikhailov, Nadym, Russia)


Was it difficult to figure out the formats? What do you remember about the program? 

- The project carried out its work on two platforms: Facebook and Zoom. It turned out to join on two platforms, the online format is now actively developing, so it turned out right away. There were many interesting meetings in the program, a correspondent from Iran, Nikita Smagin, leading researchers from various universities and centers, for example, Sergey Markedonov and others, it seemed to me informative to see and hear everyone. It was also interesting that the experts really wanted to teach us, and not just talk about the subject of their study or work. Plus, I liked that the publications of many guys immediately appeared on the website of the Caspian Bulletin analytical portal, there was a very interesting master class by Vladislav Kondratiev. It is very cool when your work already immediately has a result. Thanks to the organizers, looking forward to the second week. 

< i> (Alena Malysh, Sevastopol, Russia)  

What are you Did you learn something useful from the work of the Laboratory? 

- I myself am an international specialist by profile education, so this course was a kind of shake-up for me, and reminded me why I love my profession. Thanks to Mediation, I expanded my knowledge of what seemed to be my native region. He strengthened his theoretical base, consolidating it with practical skills. I would especially like to note the sessions with practicing international journalists in terms of using new methods and media tools. 

(Ozhet Shegirbaev, Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan) 

- Thanks to the IAC portal for the opportunity to improve in the field of international analytics and for supporting young and growing experts. An important feature of the young analyst's school is the combination of two dimensions - expert and journalistic, which allows you to combine an expert look with an accessible journalistic style. Special thanks for the opportunity to ask questions to recognized experts on the Caspian region and receive valuable comments for their scientific work. 

(Nikita Belukhin, Moscow, Russia) 

Will you still take part in the events of the IAC MSU and are you interested in the agenda of interethnic interaction?  

- Yes, of course! It is international relations that arouse more interest in me, I even think about enrolling in a master's program in this direction. I will be very happy to take part next week. 

(Milena Michel , Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan)


MEDIATSIA Young Analyst's Lab: Caspian Week is the first of three phases of the project. Within the framework of the second week, the participants will discuss issues of interethnic cooperation, and the third will be devoted to aspects of cross-border cooperation.


Detailed information on how to become a participant is available on the website:< /a>, as well as in the official project group on Facebook: The selection will last until September 19. 

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