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Nikolai Volobuev, Deputy General Director of the Rostec State Corporation and Chairman of the Russian-Singapore Business Council, gave an exclusive interview to the Big Asia TV channel.

– Nikolai Anatolyevich, why is Singapore so important to you as one of the top managers of Rostec?

– Thank you for your question. Firstly, I must thank both on behalf of Rostec, and, probably, first of all, on behalf of the Russian-Singapore Business Council, your company, which, as you know, was recently created and works very actively, for trusting us. Of course, we are ready to answer your questions. And if we talk about Singapore, yes, the corporation was one of the organizers of the creation of the Russian-Singapore Business Council together with the Ministry of Economic Development. At the initiative of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, our council was established in October 2009 on the eve of the official visit of the leader of our state to Singapore.

The Business Council was tasked with promoting the development of trade, economic and cultural ties with Singapore. In these less than ten years, the Council has gone through a very difficult but rather active path from the first small meetings within the framework of industrial conferences, participation in a business forum in Singapore, the Russian-Singapore Business Forum, to the independent organization of such a high level of dialogue - this is a business dialogue between Russian and Singaporean entrepreneurs. We managed to establish not only business contacts, but, most importantly, to build relationships in such a way that our manufacturers, participants in our business, would appear on the Singaporean market. We are mastering the market not only in Singapore, but also through Singapore - the market of Southeast Asia, and it is very capacious, as you know. And it is a great honor for our council, which now includes about 50 Russian companies, both large and medium-sized, to protect the interests and provide an opportunity to develop this market.

I will say that, of course, a lot has been achieved. We are not only conducting a business dialogue, we are actively participating in the preparation and work of a high-level commission, an intergovernmental commission, which for our part is headed by the First Deputy Prime Minister of the Government of the Russian Federation Igor Ivanovich Shuvalov.

Together with the Ministry of Economic development, we actively participate in the work of this commission. We give our proposals, which meet with very serious understanding and, most importantly, are some points of intergovernmental agreements that are signed after each summit meeting. They concern, of course, the development of trade and economic relations.

Now we are actively promoting the export-import electronic platform approved by the high-level commission. This is a B2B platform. And we have been to Singapore several times. And what distinguishes Singapore, for example, from other sites or from other markets - they have a very high level of development of the digital economy. The most amazing thing is that 70% of goods and services are purchased on an electronic platform. Including serious, very high-level goods, such as engineering goods. I mean agricultural machinery, tractors, cars.

And in these conditions, of course, we understood for ourselves: in order to go at the level, we must create our own platform. Within the framework of the Business Council, with the involvement of relevant specialists, scientists, such a platform, the B2B platform, has been created, which includes four levels.

The commodity section is the most important thing. These are services. Services and legal, and customs. This is an investment. And one more section that we have to complete work on is the commercialization of all our relations in order, of course, to receive appropriate dividends from the use of this platform. The platform, as I said, is approved by a high-level commission. It is integrated into the information system of our Ministry of Industry and Trade.

And this is one of the great achievements of our Council. We see our future in this platform. As I said, many of our companies operate on this platform. I named those who are members of the Council. But, in addition to this, we still have about 20 foreign companies participating. And in total, both our Russian and foreign companies are now working on the platform more than 80,000 companies.

- As I understand it, this will also help to cope with the problem of after-sales product support, which is always was a very sensitive place for any high-tech corporation. And I would just like to remind you that you recently, while in Singapore, signed an agreement between Russian Helicopters and partners in the field, including civil technologies. Rostec has plans to further advance in Southeast Asia through Singapore in what areas? In the field of aircraft construction, helicopter construction, or any other?

– Well, as a representative of the management of the Rostec corporation, I must say that we, as a corporation, are actively using the possibilities of the Business Council to promote the interests of our holding companies both in Singapore and in the countries of Southeast Asia through opportunities in Singapore. Traditionally, in this region, we have very actively developed military-technical cooperation with the countries of Southeast Asia - this is India and China, if we take Asia as a whole. But, of course, we understand that on military-technical cooperation alone we will not advance far in our trade and economic relations. And in recent years, we have been actively developing the civilian sector of our cooperation.

Rostec. Volobuev
Deputy General Director of Rostec State Corporation Nikolai Volobuev, Rector of the Russian University of Economics named after G.V. Plekhanov Viktor Grishin and Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin (left to right) during a speech at the grand opening after the restoration of the educational building with a house church in the name of the icon of the Mother of God "Search for the Lost", part of the architectural complex of historical buildings of the Russian University of Economics. G.V. Plekhanov. Photo: Artem Geodakyan / TASS

We have set very ambitious goals for ourselves and in the corporation in terms of our development strategy, which by a certain date, this is the 25th year, a whole a number of our holding companies should achieve somewhere around 50% output of civilian products. In this regard, our companies are already very active in the Indian and Southeast Asian markets, and in the first place, Russian Helicopters and Shvabe, an optical and mechanical holding, and a number of other companies that promote their products. Suffice it to say that last year, in 2017, we created a joint venture in India that is designed not only to secure a contract for the purchase of our helicopters of various modifications by India. We signed a contract for the supply of about 200 helicopters to India. And not just deliveries, but also the localization of industrial territories in India. To be precise, 60 helicopters will be built in India, and 40 helicopters will be supplied by our factories, which are part of the Russian Helicopters holding. And of course, the issue of their maintenance, repair, operation is very acute. The established joint company serves precisely these purposes. We have signed a cooperation agreement, or rather an agreement of intent to cooperate in the same direction with Thailand.

Of course, it is very important for us to develop this market as well. We are very actively negotiating with Singaporean companies about just after-sales service. Not only helicopters, which may be, can be delivered to Singapore and to the countries of this region in general - Malaysia, Indonesia and so on. Cooperation along the line of Shvabe is very important for us. This is in the field of radio electronics, microelectronics and optics, which is developing quite seriously in Malaysia, and in Indonesia, and in Singapore itself. Therefore, we have an agreement here with such a serious structure in Singapore as Singapore Technology Electronics. This is one of the leading companies engaged in the development of radio electronics, and through which we would like to have a fairly serious access to other countries. Not only radio electronics, but microelectronics. We used to buy radio-electronic chips in Malaysia. I understand that a number of our enterprises in the radio-electronic industry have created and are producing their own microelectronic chips. But it is clear that we need to improve and improve the quality. And here the experience of Singapore is very important for us. Therefore, we are also working through the Business Council.

Rostec. Volobuev
Deputy General Director of Rostec State Corporation Nikolai Volobuev. Photo: TV channel "Big Asia"

We have agreements with two universities: Nanyang Technological University and Singapore National University, which help us  improve the skills of our employees. We want to adopt their experience in the field of creating adjective technologies - in Singapore they are developed at a fairly high level. From the position of Rostec, in cooperation with the Moscow government, a special working group was created that studies the Singaporean experience and began to study the issue of creating a vocational education center in Moscow. This is, if I may say so, a college that in Singapore conducts training and graduates within two or three years specialists of working professions of the highest level. He comes and works on CNC machines at a high engineering level. Our dream is to create this. We have embarked on this path and hope to achieve results.

- Nikolai Anatolyevich, today, when you signed an agreement with the Big Asia TV channel, could you please evaluate the informational component of the promotion of the entire product line of Rostec and, in fact, your know-how to the Asian market? How to make people know you?

- Naturally. It is very important for us that the image of the corporation not in terms of the image of the largest Russian company be enthusiastically received in the countries of Southeast or in Asia in general - for us the most important thing is that we can show the products that we produce, in the best possible way. In the form in which it will really be in demand. After all, our corporate law states that the task is to develop, manufacture and export high-tech products. And in order to export, of course, we need a media part in order to show our product in person. Well, different forms are used for this.

Of course, we have a press service that prepares material and promotes it to the media. We cooperate with a number of our channels. We give, when required, relevant interviews to our leading radio stations and TV channels. Of course, in the first place, Sergei Viktorovich Chemezov, as the general director, takes on most of this work. We actively use exhibitions that we organize and hold ourselves. Well, suffice it to name the exhibition, for which the Ministry of Trade and Trade is responsible, but one of the organizers is Rostec. This is Max. Or "Engineering Technologies", annual.

Rostec. Volobuev
Sergey Pronin, General Director of RSDS Trading House LLC, Executive Director of the Russian-Singapore Business Council, and Nikolai Volobuev, Deputy General Director of Rostec State Corporation (left) to the right) before the start of the panel session "Russian Export Potential: Realizing the Strategic Development Priorities of the ASEAN Member States" at the Russia-ASEAN Business Forum at the Pullman Congress Center Stanislav Krasilnikov/TASS

Now we are actively participating in the exhibition complex in Kubinka, where we show, under the auspices of our Ministry of Defense, all the best that we achieve in the field of military-technical cooperation, in the defense industry.We have our own structure that deals with the exhibition exposition, our subsidiary RT- Expo, which organizes such kind of exhibition. We use negotiations. In particular, we have created a promotion center for our high-tech companies in Singapore. Of course, first of all we are talking about the achievements of our holding companies.

As part of the Russian-Singapore Business Dialogue, we showed the first exhibits. And in the autumn, on the eve of or immediately after the meeting of the high-level commission, which I mentioned above, we want to launch a wide exposition of the achievements of our holding companies over ten years of joint work on the basis of this center.

To be objective, of course, we need the support, I repeat once again, of our media structures. Therefore, we gladly agreed to cooperate with your company, especially since you are concentrating on the problems of Asia and Russia's presence in Asian markets. Therefore, I hope that both sides will benefit from our cooperation. And even three parties: Rostec, and our Russian-Singapore Business Council, and your company.

- Well, Nikolai Anatolyevich, thank you very much. We can only wish you new creative successes in your very high, responsible positions, in your work.

- Thank you. Thanks to the Big Asia company. And, of course, success to all employees and your viewers.



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