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Indian company PANAM Engineers Ltd. produces important parts that are used in the oil and gas industry, energy, shipbuilding, metallurgical, mining and transport industries. 

The slogan of the company is "Continuous development and improvement of production."  

This year PANAM Engineers Ltd.  presented its products for the first time in Moscow at the Oil and Gas exhibition. 


Good afternoon, Mr. Prazhapati! Tell us how it all started development of your company Panam Engineers Ltd.

Jagdish Prazhapati, head of the Indian company Panam Engineers Ltd.: I started working at the age of 16.  At the age of 22, he decided to start his own company. At first it was a small trading company, and on October 6, 1998, I registered my business and started manufacturing tool fittings.  I chose this particular direction, because I believe that control and measuring equipment and instruments are the heart of any industry, this is the heart of the plant, and the equipment that is used for control and measuring instruments will always be in demand. 

How many people did your company initially employ? 

Mr. Jagdish Prazhapati: When I started my company, we were only two people, but over time we developed.  Every year Panam Engineers Ltd. became more successful, in connection with this, the equipment fleet began to grow. Initially, the company had only two manual lathes, then automatic lathes were added to them.  

Who became the first customer and how did you reach the international level?< /b>

Mr. Jagdish Prazhapati: The first customer was from Australia. To date, the number of our customers is in the dozens, they are from 35 countries. The main clients are from  USA, Canada and Europe.  The Internet helped us reach the international level. Our company was established in 1998, with the help of the World Wide Web  we  did mailings  emails presenting our company. Customers sent inquiries by e-mail, we gave answers, provided a price, product samples for testing. This is how we recruited our potential buyers. For us, the most important thing is customer satisfaction, we work for them 24 hours a day.  


What can you say about the Oil and Gas Exhibition in Moscow? Have you participated in something similar before? 

Mr. Jagdish Prazhapati: This is the first participation in such an exhibition in Moscow. We are very pleased that our stand arouses interest among visitors, they are happy to get acquainted with our products. We plan to expand our presence in Russia, in the future we will definitely place a warehouse in Moscow. In general, we have been supplying products to oil refineries of the TAT Neft company in the Republic of Tatarstan for two years. This cooperation is successful, we  hope  to expand our cooperation not only in Tatarstan, but throughout Russia. 


Thanks to whom and what did your company achieve international success? 

Mr. Jagdish Prazhapati: Maintaining quality is a priority for our company  products. Each title is tested. The testing laboratory is located at our enterprise, we received & nbsp; all necessary certificates for  product production. This is the quality system  for security. We fulfill all the necessary requirements for testing products that  are declared by international standards and separately by customers, and we believe that this is the driving force behind our success. 

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Inna Izykheeva and Mr. Jagdish Prazhapati, photo of the Big Asia TV channel



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