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In an exclusive interview with the Big Asia TV channel, Elena Brusilova, President of JSC Medsi Group of Companies, spoke about high social responsibility and serving the interests of society and the state, about harmony in the industry, about working with foreign citizens and about the development of medical tourism.


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Medsi has been on the market for 24 years, it is one of the first to enter the private medicine market. Today we are the largest federal network of private clinics, we are present in 11 ty cities of Russia, in Moscow, in the Moscow region. We call our company "360 degrees". We have not only an outpatient department for children and adults, but also clinical and diagnostic centers, large hospitals with 1,000 beds, we have our own “emergency” service, mobile home service, and patient care at home. Also a rehabilitation center, sanatoriums. So "360 degrees" means that we work 24/7 for our patients. 

Historically, we have worked a lot with corporate clients. And, of course, the most important guarantee of success is our doctors, our team, which provides highly qualified medical care. Patients love us, and today we already see those patients who brought children to us by the hand. Our adult patients have been with us for 24 years. This, of course, is, first of all, the success of a medical company, these are medical competencies. And we invest a lot in the formation of a team, in training, postgraduate education of doctors. Doctors, when initially choosing a profession for themselves, must understand that training never ends. They study all their lives, improve their skills. 

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We pay great attention to studying abroad, learning new technologies, we constantly encourage doctors to improve their medical qualifications. Over the years, shareholders have invested huge amounts of money. We are constantly updating equipment. Perhaps we can be proud that even in Europe there are no such clinics that have such high-precision, high-quality equipment in one place, as we have concentrated on facilities, in particular, here, in the clinical diagnostic center.
We pay a lot of attention to the service, because the service is also very important. And, of course, our patients… We have a personalized approach to patients, and they see that we care about them, they like being with us. In recent years, we have created a lot of services. This is both a personal account and a telemedicine application, that is, all your history is on your phone, always in your pocket. You can ask, being somewhere abroad or in another clinic, you can show your tests, ask for a second opinion. We also have a service where you can get the opinion of other doctors from state clinics or foreign ones ... Therefore, the patient is very comfortable with us, comfortable. 

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Over the past year, we have treated more than 1000 foreign patients from Europe, America, from neighboring countries, there are a lot of Chinese patients - from China, from Asia. And we try to find an individual approach for each patient. Firstly, we help with visa support, with accommodation, if you need to stay for a longer time. We provide a personal concierge for patients and accompany them at all stages of their routing. That is, patients have, if needed, interpreters from their native language, because often people come who are very comfortable to be spoken to in their native language, and not in English or some other. We even try to find food, if a person stays with us for a long time, namely with national characteristics.

But the most important thing, of course, is medical competence. I think that people go more for medical competencies, and here, of course, our main focus, as I said, is on the professional level of doctors. We have created a competence center. Today, we are perhaps on the first lines in the fight against oncology, cardiovascular diseases, gynecology, urology, orthopedics, so every patient can find his own doctor here. 

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Many people know us. I was surprised that everyone knows the clinic in other countries. This is very nice, because we are present at conferences, our doctors speak everywhere, fly, learn about new treatment, new technologies, so they know about us. And we hope that we will continue to actively accept foreign patients, patients from neighboring countries to us for treatment. We are doing a lot for this, and indeed we are not only safe, we have treatment at the level of European highly developed countries, America. We buy only original drugs. If we use consumables, these are stents or consumables for joint replacement, then we use only the highest quality. Therefore, patients trust us, they come to us, and we are very happy about this. We hope that even more people will come to us, tell us about us, about successful treatment. 

The financial side is also very important for foreigners, because treatment in Russia is 2-3 times cheaper than in countries that are very popular in medical tourism, for example, in Korea or Turkey. But in fact, a lot of our citizens who used to travel for medical tourism to Israel, Germany, and other European countries are now being examined and treated in our clinics, because it is very convenient. The whole story is here, they know you, they know all your illnesses, there is a personalized approach, and not one specific doctor, but several doctors work on one diagnosis in order to really help, verify, correctly diagnose and choose the right treatment. And foreign patients also read a lot, now there are many publications that Russia has very good medicine, excellent equipment. Well, now the equipment fleet is constantly being updated, all the equipment is state-of-the-art, sometimes even European clinics cannot afford to change new equipment as quickly as it happens in private clinics in Russia. 

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We think a lot about the safety of patients, especially those capricious patients who are used to certain standards in clinics, these are either ISO - European standards of care, or JCI (Joint Commission International - editorial note), American standard. We now have two clinics. One is new on Krasnaya Presnya, where we are, and the second is under construction, which will open in six months on Michurinsky Prospekt in Moscow. These will be two clinics that we hope will soon receive JCI certification. This speaks of medical competence, and, of course, of complete safety, of the right approaches to treatment, treatment protocols. Therefore, I think that our foreign patients will also be pleasantly surprised. 


We were the first to rebuild our entire multidisciplinary clinic in a week , rebuilt it for infection, for Covid-19, and trained doctors. We were very quickly able to understand which protocols are right to use for the best treatment of Covid-19 patients. We trained doctors how to properly put on PPE, remove PPE, because it is very important that your staff does not get sick. We arranged teleconferences with Europe, with America, in order to understand how our foreign colleagues are coping with this challenge, what protocols, what new medicines they use. And we changed very quickly. And indeed, when meeting with Covid-19, this whole story showed that Russian healthcare turned out to be at a very high level, well prepared, and quickly adjusted. This causes great respect, especially for doctors who have reoriented so quickly. All doctors of different specialties in one day became infectious disease specialists, began to save patients, help them. Indeed, there were good protocols, indeed we had the lowest mortality rate. Unfortunately, there were patients with "bouquets" of diseases who could not be helped, but this is the lowest percentage that we note, looking at the statistics. 

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And, of course, about the award. When a leader receives an award, it is an award to the entire team that works. I am very grateful to our doctors, I am very proud of them, because when someone needs help, they often call from the Ministry of Health, and high-ranking people. They call because they want to help their loved ones or provide themselves with high-tech assistance, and I am very, very I'm proud of my team!

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by Decree of the President of the Russian Federation dated June 21, 2020 No. 407 "On awarding state awards of the Russian Federation", Medsi doctors were awarded the Order of Pirogov and the medal of Luka Krymsky.

For their great contribution to the fight against COVID-19, dedication and professionalism, the Order of Pirogov was awarded to:

Brusilova Elena Anatolyevna , President of JSC Medsi Group of Companies;
Shapovalenko Tatyana Vladimirov na, chief physician of the Medsi Clinical Hospital in Otradnoye;
Maria Alexandrovna Naumova, Head of the Cardio-Resuscitation Department of the Medsi Clinical Hospital in Otradnoye; i>
Armen Valerievich Oganesyan, Head of the Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care, Medsi Clinical Hospital in Otradnoy;
Alexandra Alekseevna Zykova, Head of the Therapy Department at the Medsi Clinical Hospital in Otradnoye;
Alexander Sergeevich Inozemtsev, Head of the Endoscopy Center at the Medsi Clinical Hospital in Otradnoye;
Olga Yuryevna Merkulova, Epidemiologist, Medsi Clinical Hospital in Otradnoe.

Luka's Medal Krymsky were awarded:

Brykovskaya Olesya Alekseevna, senior nurse of the Medsi Clinical Hospital in Otradnoye;< br> Efimova Nadezhda Alexandrovna, senior nurse at the Medsi Clinical Hospital in Otradnoy.

On June 19, 2020, Vladimir Putin signed a decree on the establishment of the Order of Pirogov and the medal of Luke Krymsky - in honor of the Russian surgeon, the founder of military field surgery in Russia Nikolai Pirogov and the surgeon, Archbishop of Simferopol and Crimean Luka.

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