Opening Asia for Russia

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Just over a year has passed since the establishment of the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly. However, according to the figurative comparison of the General Secretary of the Assembly Andrei Belyaninov, during this time the baby grew up, stood up and even ran. So, the year has not been in vain.

In May 2017, representatives of 67 countries came to Moscow for the founding congress. What was their motivation? 

The idea of a single Eurasian space has been in the air for a long time. What could be more logical than the unification of people living on one large continent - after all, the border between Europe and Asia is conditional, as it was appointed. The inhabitants of this vast expanse are not separated by seas or oceans. “People want to be together, unite & nbsp; on some platforms, to get closer in some way,” says Andrey Belyaninov.

“When our organization appeared,” continues Belyaninov, “there were doubts: are we needed? Why did she appear? There are already many who call themselves Eurasians, in different capacities. And here it is not. We are needed. Entire teams are turning to us, joining us.” 

You can ask what they get. Nothing special! It's just a desire to be together. Create interesting projects together, get to know and understand each other better. Here are just from the latest: the Eurasian Forum on Baking. What could be more peaceful? 

Or the international festival "Young Arctic", where the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly became one of the organizers. Recently, our Eurasian Literary Festival was held in Sochi - it brought together writers, poets, playwrights, literary critics, cultural figures from 27 countries and 50 regions of Russia.

the recent past Andrey Belyaninov - just an idea was in the air. We talked about everything - from ballet to rockets. And it turned out - & nbsp; the will of the peoples was.”

The General Secretary of the Assembly gave the following comparison: “Here is football – we have never had people unite like this. Both children and women especially - which is unusual. During the World Cup, anger left Moscow. Many learned about Russia, about people. It would be nice if the Assembly could bring people together, just like the World Cup, in the same positive way. I would be able to captivate people in this way.”

The most important task of the Assembly today is the expansion of geography. “What we lack now is the support of many states that are part of the concept of Greater Eurasia. Nevertheless, we see support from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and India.” There is a dialogue with China. As for Europe, cooperation goes through volunteers. On the whole, we can fully talk about people's diplomacy. 

never was one. Throughout the history of mankind, private interests, the interests of one state, primarily economic, have been more important than the common ones. Perhaps, only in recent times has the realization come that the aspirations of individuals, united together, can make the world a better place.

It may seem that a separate good deed is a very small step. But if you do not take these steps, nothing will happen. Only joint deeds give rise to trust in each other. And the root of the word "trust" & nbsp; - "Vera".

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