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Foreign rowers will take part in an online race within the framework of the WEF

26.07.2022 ТАСС 65 просмотров

Forum participants who will visit the stand will be able to try out simulators and try their hand at rowing-indore.

Foreign professional rowers will take part in an online race on rowing simulators, which will be held as part of the Eastern Economic Forum (WEF) in Vladivostok. This was announced to TASS on Tuesday by the President of the Russian Rowing Federation (FGSR) Alexey Svirin.

"Within the framework of the forum, an online rowing-indore race will be held at the stand of the Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation on special simulators," Svirin said. — Professionals will perform there, there will be connections from different parts of the world. We plan that not only the WEF platform will take part in the race, but also participants from other regions of Russia, as well as our partners from abroad. There will be either two arrivals, male and female, or only male. The question is being worked out."

According toAlexey Svirina, forum participants who will visit the stand will be able to try out simulators and try their hand at rowing-indore.

On September 9, the International Vladivostok Regatta will be held for the first time in Novik Bay on Russian Island. Student teams of Russian and foreign universities will take part in the competition. "There will be a large student team, representatives of about eight countries will come to us," said the head of the FSSR. — Athletes from three or four countries will perform in professional classes. Representatives of Belarus and China have already confirmed their participation."

Svirin stressed that representatives of foreign countries readily respond to the offer to perform at competitions in Russia. "It is often difficult for athletes from our friendly countries who have the opportunity to perform on the international stage to revise their training schedule and come to our competitions as well," the president of the federation said. — This is caused by certain methodological features of the training of rowers. So it's not that all of our initiatives go directly, but in general we communicate openly and adequately, and foreigners respond to many of our proposals."

The Eastern Economic Forum is one of the largest Russian international conferences. It has been held annually since 2015 on Russian Island (Vladivostok, Primorsky Krai) at the site of the Far Eastern Federal University. In 2022, the forum will be held on September 5-8.

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