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Youth Olympic Games 2024 will be hosted by South Korea

10.01.2020 60 просмотров

The games will be held in Gangwon Province, which is centered on Pyeongchang.

This decision was made today at the 135th session of the International Olympic Committee. South Korea was the only candidate to host the competition.  

< /b>Beds for 2020 Olympics athletes
Tokyo made of cardboard
It is planned to use the same objects that were used in 2018. The Organizing Committee and the IOC do not rule out that part of the alpine skiing competitions may take place on the territory of the DPRK. 

In 2018, North Korean athletes took part in the Games in Pyeongchang. The Korea Unified Team was created to compete in the women's ice hockey tournament, reflecting the countries' desire to overcome 75-year-old political divisions.

The IOC has for the first time implemented a new host selection procedure that was approved at last summer's session.  

In particular, they abandoned the bidding campaign, the most suitable option for holding the Games was chosen through a dialogue between a special commission and interested parties.

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