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Young judoists of Kazakhstan hired a coach from Japan

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Shintaro Chiharo is a 5th dan, former coach of the Myanmar and Bangladesh national teams, director of the China Weightlifting and Wrestling Center.

The Judo Federation of Kazakhstan, the Astana Olympic Training Center and the Japanese judo coach Shintaro Chiharo signed an agreement according to which a foreign specialist will become a mentor and adviser to the youth and teenage national team of the republic.

Shintaro Chiharo graduated from the Tokyo Kokushikan University and is a 5th dan in judo.

From 2011-2013, he led the coaching of the Bangladesh national team, where he was assigned by the International Cooperation Agency.

Chiharo spent most of 2013 as the head coach of the Myanmar national judo team, and then until 2017 he held a similar position at the Chinese Weightlifting and Wrestling Center. Asian Judo Cup.

Vice President of the Asian Judo Union, Sports Director of the International Judo Federation, Olympic Pr Izer Armen Bagdasarov noted the high level of development of this type of wrestling in Kazakhstan.

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