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Young fishermen will compete in the Irkutsk region

26.02.2019 38 просмотров

The first children's ice fishing tournament "Rybich-2019" will be held there.

Competitions at the Shelekhov Quarries will take place on March 16. Teenagers from 8 to 16 years old can become participants. The child must be accompanied by a parent or mentor.

Eurasia's largest fishing
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Winners will be selected in three age categories: 8-10 years old, 11-13 and 14-16. They are waiting for prizes and medals. The leader will also be determined in the nomination "The Biggest Fish". Fishermen should have their fishing rods and lures with them.

The organizers are preparing a festive program. It starts immediately after the end of the competition and the weighing of the catch.

While the judges sum up the results of the tournament, children and adults will take part in various games, competitions, and traditionally taste delicious treats.

Ice fishing enjoys in Russia no less popular than usual. For a comfortable "hunt" in winter, you need special gear, warm, waterproof clothing and an ice screw.

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