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Yakutian takes third place in 100-mile marathon in China

04.12.2019 121 просмотров

Grigory Maksimov, who lives in China, covered the distance in 39 hours.

The race was held in the Chinese district of Zigui. The debut at such a distance brought the athlete third place. According to the athlete, the route was difficult due to severe weather conditions, so only every 12th participant of the marathon reached the finish line.

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At the award ceremony  ;Grigoriy thanked all his fans, his coach and his family for their support. The first and second places went to the champions of the last and the year before last. 

According to the rules of the marathon, the participants had to fit into the 50-hour limit. During this time it was necessary to overcome more than 175 kilometers. Marathon runners were required to run with a special bag containing water, lanterns, a blanket, warm clothes and a first aid kit. 

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