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Xi Jinping Urges Athletes to Win Glory for China

08.01.2022 78 просмотров

Chinese President Xi Jinping on January 4, while visiting the winter sports training base in Beijing, got acquainted in detail with the preparation of Chinese athletes for the upcoming Winter Olympics 2022 in Beijing and called on the athletes to win glory for their homeland in the sports arena.

The training base, located in the southwestern part of the Chinese capital, has been rebuilt from old factory buildings and is now a state-of-the-art winter sports training and research facility.

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Xi Jinpingvisited high-tech training facilities, such as a gym equipped with special platforms with six degrees of freedom, and a comprehensive wind tunnel hall, learning in detail about the system of scientific training in ice and snow sports, and also examined domestic-made bobsled sleds, equipment for providing emergency and other facilities.

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In the world where science and technology play an increasingly important role in sports competition, Xi Jinping stressed that China should achieve a high level of self-reliance and self-improvement in the field of sports science and technology.

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Chinese leader also watched ice skating practice and visited an exhibition on the history of the development of winter sports in China. He praised the country's progress in promoting ice and snow sports, and called for more efforts to promote the sustainable development of winter sports and popularize them among the population, to turn the country into a great sports power and build a healthy China.

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Xi Jinping also inspected the advanced equipment that helps athletes recover from injuries and strenuous exercise.

Warmly speaking to the athletes, the Chinese leader urged them to seize the precious opportunity at the upcoming Games after many years of preparation, demonstrate the highest level of skill and morale and win glory for your country.

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