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Xi Jinping confident in the success of the Beijing Games

27.01.2022 99 просмотров

Chinese President Xi Jinping expressed confidence that the Winter Olympic Games in Beijing will be successful.

Xi Jinpingmet with International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach in Beijing on Tuesday, according to the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Xi said everything was ready and the Games will take place as planned.

He noted that almost 3,000 athletes from about 90 countries and territories will take part in the competition, adding that China enjoys the support of not only the population of the country, but also the international community.< br>
The President of China expressed confidence in the safety of all participants, stakeholders, as well as the people of China.

In turn, the IOC said that measures against the coronavirus were discussed at the meeting.

The IOC cited Bach's words that he was "very impressed with how the Olympic community is received by all segments of the Chinese population."

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