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World Rafting Championship takes place in Turkey

11.06.2019 137 просмотров

More than 50 men's, women's and mixed teams took part in the competition in Tunceli province.

Before the start of the competition, all of them underwent a special training on the Munzur River under the supervision of representatives of the World Rafting Association.

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It is planned that, in addition to competitions, representatives of the teams will share their experience and knowledge during various master classes and meetings.

The international championship is a significant event for Turkey, it is held in Tunceli for the first time, said the chairman of the Turkish Rafting Association Fikret Yarzimci.

“We are working hard and investing in the development of rafting. After hosting the Turkish Championship in May last year, Tunceli proved that he is ready to host international events as well,” Yarzimci added. The championship will end on June 13th.

The length of the route for rafters on the Munzur River is 20 kilometers. Its difficulty level is classified as the third. The most successful time for rafting is the period from May to July.

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