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World media commented on the Tokyo Olympics

10.08.2021 141 просмотров

Foreign media gave their assessments of the Olympic Games in Tokyo, which ended on Sunday, reports the Japanese TV channel NHK.

The British Broadcasting Corporation BBC said: "In the UK many watched the Games with interest and will remember this Olympics as a classic."

The BBC noted "a range of inspiring performances and innovative new sports" that "captured the imagination ".

However, the BBC also expressed the view that "it will always be a matter of debate whether it was right to hold the Olympic Games at all."

The BBC also said that the circumstances surrounding with the Tokyo Olympics may make it difficult to attract bidders to host the Games in the future.

Reuters reported that “due to stringent pandemic measures and with COVID-19 options sparking a new surge infections around the world, the Olympic Games did not justify the triumph and financial profits that Japan aspired to.

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