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World Cup Football Cup - on a poppy seed

16.05.2018 169 просмотров

"Lefty" from Novosibirsk made the main football trophy only 2 mm high on a cut of a poppy seed and covered it with gold.

As the author of the work, miniature master Vladimir Aniskin, said, the biggest difficulty in doing it was that you can’t fantasize here, you need to repeat the original exactly. The copy of the goblet is made of dye and covered with a thin layer of gold applied by spraying. The poppy seed was used as a pedestal.

The FIFA Cup completed a whole series of works that were made specifically for the 2018 World Cup in Russia. In March, Vladimir Aniskin made the official emblem of the championship on a cut of a grain of rice, and in April, a figurine of the wolf Zabivaki, the official mascot of the competition. 

world book, a caravan of camels in the eye of a needle and a classic shod flea.

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