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World-class ski resort to be built in Khabarovsk

06.06.2019 118 просмотров

The foundation stone of the future complex has already been laid.

Mayor Sergei Kravchuk noted that the modern track will allow holding major competitions. During the summer, the resort will offer mountain biking and extreme sports. 

Ski Federation sport
created in Uzbekistan
The base was previously called Spartak. It is located 25 kilometers from Khabarovsk on the slope of the Bolshoy Khekhtsir mountain range. According to the results of an online survey, it was decided to rename the complex to "Khekhtsir". 

Construction work can begin  already this year. The main investor will be OJSC Center for Innovative Technologies of the City of Khabarovsk. 260 million rubles have already been allocated.

A hotel, a town, a rental office and restaurants will be built at the new resort. I plan to involve foreign companies in the implementation of the project, the mayor's office said. 

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