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Women will soon be allowed to attend football matches in Iran

07.10.2019 195 просмотров

Iranian women have begun a consistent struggle against the football authorities for the right to visit stadiums and attend football matches.

Since the Islamic revolution in 1979, the fair sex has been deprived of this privilege.

"I think it's very important that people can go to football," says Atiyeh, a football fan. and it helps fight violence and tensions in society."

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FIFA has repeatedly pointed out to Tehran that gender segregation is unacceptable. It seems that Iranian leader Rouhani is finally ready to reconsider the tough stance of his predecessors. Recently, it was announced that a small contingent of women could attend the match between Iran and Cambodia. In the future, the administration intends to allocate separate sectors of the spectator stands for women, provided that men behave appropriately in the stadium.

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Currently, women still have the opportunity to watch matches in cafes that are relayed over the internet. The authorities have stated that they intend to review their position gradually in order to prepare society for reforms.  

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