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Women soccer players in Iran practice on rooftops

06.05.2020 201 просмотров

In Iran, professional athletes do not want to lose the sports uniform they have gained over the years of grueling training and are doing everything possible to continue training and preparing for new victories despite the strict quarantine.

Freestyle skier Hosna Mirhadi was forced to literally climb onto the roof to continue chasing the ball and work on difficult tricks, though still wearing her traditional hijab.

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shape when you are in self-isolation,” admits footballer Hosna Mirhadi, “Now we have to do this at home, while we used to train at the stadium. But so far I have managed to support myself – I hope I haven’t forgotten or lost anything.” ".

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Prize-winning cyclist Atuza Abbasi has managed to resume her motorway runs after Tehran allowed citizens of the country we travel from one area to another. Atuza works as a mentor for the men's cycling team.

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Iran is gradually lifting its self-isolation regime. In early May, large shopping centers reopened, and life began to return to normal. At the same time, infectious disease specialists warn of the possibility of a second wave of COVID-19.

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