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Winter surfing is preferred by Antalya residents

11.01.2020 101 просмотров

A group of athletes attracted the attention of local and foreign media.

Many observers considered playing this sport in such weather conditions very risky, but surfers did not agree with this opinion.

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more and more tourists
“Now is a great time to surf. The waves reach a height of three meters, but for professionals there are no risks. I advise everyone to take the opportunity to join us,” said one of the athletes Ozge Kütahya.

It should be noted that the season for surfing in Turkey coincides with the opening of the main tourist influx, that is, from April to October. The most popular the months for practicing this sport are May, June, July and August.

 During these months, the light wind is replaced by a stronger one for 3-4 hours a day, then athletes and students go out on the water. Closer to late autumn, storms begin in the sea and surfers disperse.

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