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Winter Olympics facilities were built using environmentally friendly technologies

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The National Ice Skating Palace, also known as the Ice Ribbon, is the only ice facility built from scratch for the upcoming Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics. 

During its design and construction, innovative breakthroughs were made in ice production, selection of building materials and development of technological processes in accordance with the concept of "green development". 12 thousand spectators. During the Winter Olympic Games, the speed skating competition will be held here, in which 14 gold medals will be awarded.

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The structure uses a high-tech system of curved curtain walls made up of 3,360 glass blocks arranged in a "ribbon" shape, which symbolizes the high-speed gliding of skaters.

"We reduce the facility's energy consumption by using a compact space. We also use a lightweight steel rope structure to cover more space while using less steel," said Zheng Fang , Chief Designer, National Skating Palace.

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The Ice Ribbon is the world's first Winter Olympic venue to use transcritical CO2 direct ice cooling. This technology has not only created Asia's largest 12,000 square meter ice surface, but is also one of the most environmentally friendly and advanced ice-making technologies in the world.

"The ice-making system can recover exhaust heat, using it to remove excess moisture, maintain the state of the ice and heat the water," said Ma Jin, chief designer of the Ice Ribbon Ice Making System.

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