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Winter marathon at a distance of 10 kilometers took place in Novosibirsk

20.02.2019 241 просмотров

Novosibirsk hosted a ski marathon at a distance of 10 kilometers for adults and 5 kilometers for children.

The sporting event brought together thousands of outdoor enthusiasts. 

However, due to extreme cold, the organizers were forced to postpone the ski race for one week in order to avoid health complications for many participants. 

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The event is considered by the local population as perhaps the main winter competition of the year. Therefore, there were no age restrictions for participants. The organizers were not interested in the level of sports training of the participants - everyone had the opportunity to cover the distance at the speed that most corresponded to the level of his physical fitness.
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Governor of the Novosibirsk region Andrey Travnikov took part in the competition. He said that from the end of November to March, without exception, all Novosibirsk residents join the ranks of cross-country skiers. Zinaida Amosova, the winner of the 1976 Winter Olympics in Austria in the 4x5 km relay, was also seen on the track.

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In general, this year the city authorities counted about 10 thousand amateur skiers. Competitions have been held for 37 years. During this time, about one and a half million people took part in them.

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