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Winter cycling marathon to be held in Tajikistan

16.02.2019 155 просмотров

Everyone is welcome to participate.

On February 17, a cycling marathon will be held in Tajikistan, which starts in Khujand and finishes in Buston. The length of the route is about 10 km.

Asian Road Racing Championship
Tashkent will host cycling

international companies.

All amateur cyclists will be able to take part in the massive winter cycling marathon. The distance that they have to overcome is not too great, although in winter conditions this may not be an easy test.

However, the purpose of the cycling marathon is not to set records. The event aims to popularize the bicycle as an economical, environmentally friendly and healthy means of transportation.

“Mass bike ride in the Sughd region will be a significant event that will draw the attention of many people to this sport. And of course, we hope to meet future “stars” and champions of this sport among the participants,” says Ozodkhon Davlatshoev, President of the Federation of Cyclists of Tajikistan.

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