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Walrus swim will be held in Altai

09.11.2018 238 просмотров

The World Winter Swimming Championships will be held in Barnaul on Pioneer Lake.

70 people have already confirmed their participation. Swimming will take place on Saturday and Sunday. These competitions in the Altai capital have already become traditional. Among those wishing to plunge into the icy water are not only local residents, but also guests from neighboring regions.

The winter tourist season in the Altai Territory
opened with a holiday" Altai wintering"
Meanwhile, according to weather forecasters, on the night of November 10, the temperature in Barnaul may drop to minus 25 degrees. In the afternoon on Saturday they promise 18 frost.

Winter swimming championships are also planned for the coming weekend in Ryazan, Yekaterinburg, Tyumen and a number of other Russian cities. The day before, walruses dipped into the water in Murmansk. An amateur swim took place on Semyonovskoye Lake. The lovers of hardening timed their action to coincide with the City Day.

About 40 people became participants. The youngest walrus is only 5 years old. 8 elderly men also went to the distance. There were no divisions into groups and stages. All participants swam over 100 meters.

Note that winter hardening is becoming very popular. In different countries, such swims are given their own names associated with marine animals. In Russia and Poland, these are "walruses". In Finland, "otters", "nerpas" and "seals", in Latvia "seals", in North America - "polar bears".

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