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Walking Day on Sakhalin was celebrated by more than a thousand people

08.10.2019 76 просмотров

Residents and guests of the region held relay races, competitions and a joint walk as part of the All-Russian sports festival.

The official start of the event was the traditional exercise. It was arranged by activists of a public organization. Then the participants of the Walking Day went along the previously planned route. Each of them walked about three kilometers.

Competitions of skiers and
snowboarders will be held in Gudauri

Spectacular events were prepared for adults and little Sakhalin residents - amateur armwrestling and armlifting tournaments. Anyone could demonstrate their strength in tug-of-war competitions.

A concert program was held on the stage in honor of the holiday, in which Sakhalin artists took part.

Walking Day on Sakhalin is celebrated for the fourth time, every year the event gathers a record number of participants.

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