Opening Asia for Russia

The authorities of the Indian state of Kerala are set to cooperate with the Russian Federation in the field of sports

16.06.2022 ТАСС 44 просмотров

The South of India intends to develop cooperation with Russia in the field of sports.

The southern Indian state of Kerala expects to develop cooperation with Russian sports organizations and universities. This was stated on Wednesday by the state Sports minister TASSAbdu Rahman.

"Kerala now wants to give an impetus to the expansion of its sports sphere.The government is adopting a new program in the field of sports, within which it wants to establish ties with Russian sports organizations, universities and work with them," he said.

The Minister noted that "the successful holding of the World Cup in Russia has confirmed its status as a sports power." "Since we have long-standing friendly relations with the Russian Federation, we can use Russia's experience to develop sports in Kerala. We invite Russia," he said.

"After receiving permission from the Cabinet of Ministers of the state, we will send a letter to your country with a proposal for cooperation," he stressedAbdu Rahman.

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