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Vladivostok hosts the World Go Championship for the first time

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The World Go championship starts in Vladivostok on Russky island.

The first ever World Go Championship in go playing playing  The tournament will be held on the campus of the Far Eastern Federal University.

For 40 consecutive years, the World Cup was held only in Southeast Asia, however, at the 38th session of the Presidium of the International Go Federation in Guiyang in 2017 Russia received the right to host the competition. The International Go Federation was founded in 1982. Over the past 20 years, domestic players have become European champions in this sport 15 times over the past 20 years.

The best players from 77 countries will take part in the 41st World Championship, Russia will be represented by 20-year-old Anton Chernykh from Zhukovsky near Moscow . The athlete received the right to participate in the world championship by the results of the national tournament of applicants, which was held in early May in Moscow. Chernykh will perform at the world championship under the emblem of the Russian State Federation in in connection with the sanctions of the Court of Arbitration for Sport, according to which Russian athletes cannot compete under the national flag at  ;the national anthem may be played.

Spectators will not be able to attend the tournament, however, the sports director of the event, Vladimir Gorzhaltsan, told TASS that they “will be broadcast on the Internet on various gaming services ". On the opening day of the tournament, a teleconference will take place between Vladivostok and St. Petersburg at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF).

In go play on a rectangular field called goban. One of the two players receives black stones, the other white. The goal of the game is to fence off a larger area on the game board with stones of your color than the opponent.

The 2019 World Championship was held in China, and its winner was Chen Wang. The 2020 tournament has been canceled due to the spread of the coronavirus infection. In 2013, Ilya Shikshin took fourth place, which is the best result of the Russians.

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