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Vladimir Putin called the Olympic team the pride of Russia

11.09.2021 183 просмотров

The President noted that the athletes are solid, serious and advanced people.

The President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin considers the Russians - the winners of the Tokyo Olympics - the pride of the country.

“I look into the hall, you are all so powerful, beautiful, graceful, young, successful, and it seems that this is enough , but you are also smart, advanced in all respects,” the head of state addressed the athletes, who on Saturday presented state awards in the Catherine’s Hall of the Kremlin. “I was very pleased to hear when you spoke about the country, about the Motherland, connected even today and your awards with the outstanding figure of our country - with Alexander Nevsky,” admitted Vladimir Putin.
< br> In his opinion, all this suggests that "Olympians are solid, serious, mature, advanced people in the broadest sense of the word." “When I spoke at the beginning [of the awards ceremony], I said such serious words: “You are the pride of Russia.” “I want to confirm this once again, the way it is,” the president said. “I sincerely wish you confirmation of your high status, your success, I am sure that it will be so,” the head of state addressed the athletes. “No matter how life goes on, whether in sports or outside of it, an Olympic medal is still the golden merit that few achieve,” he said.

“Of course, we all try to do something. something to do - and the state, by virtue of its capabilities, the coaching staff, doctors, massage therapists, and so on - but still the one who achieves success is ahead on a dashing horse. It is you!" - said Vladimir Putin to the applause of the audience.

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