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Viktor Zolotov congratulated Alexander Bolshunov on a strong-willed victory in the mass start

19.02.2022 80 просмотров

The director of the Russian Guard, General of the Army Viktor Zolotov, emphasized that the phenomenal talent of Captain Alexander Bolshunov, multiplied by his great diligence and determination, led to high sports results. At the 2022 Olympic Games in Beijing, he won five awards: three gold, silver and bronze.

The head of the department noted that this victory once again proved the ability of our skiers to compete with experienced rivals and win Olympic awards in a tense struggle. b>Alexander Bolshunov became the first in the mass start at a distance of 28.4 kilometers, overcoming it in 1 hour 11 minutes and 32 seconds. Russian skier Ivan Yakimushkin won the silver medal.

Thanks to his victory, the officer of the Russian Guard Alexander Bolshunov won the title of “king of skis” among the fans.

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