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Uzbek striker Doston Tursunov will play in Japan

14.12.2018 46 просмотров

The player of the national football team of the Republic and the midfielder of the Fergana "Nefchi" signed a contract with the Japanese club.

At the beginning of this year, Doston Tursunov became the winner of the Asian U-23 Championship, held in China. Now the 25-year-old footballer will play for the Japanese team Renofa Yamaguchi. The amount and terms of the contract are not reported. 

Renofa Yamaguchi is a football club founded in 2006 in the Japanese city of the same name and playing in the second football J-league (professional league) of the country. Remarkably, that at the beginning of its history, the team consisted of a group of teachers from Yamaguchi Prefecture. However, this is a fairly typical phenomenon for football clubs in the Land of the Rising Sun, a number of which began their careers as teachers. 

Renofa Yamaguchi made it to the professional league only in 2016 and finished the season in the middle of the standings . Last year was almost a failure for the team, it took the last 20th line, but managed to keep its place in the J-League-2. 

In the new season, the football club will be headed by Masahiro Shimoda. Perhaps, with the arrival of Doston Tursunov, the team will be able to break a series of failures.

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