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Unique medical centers to be opened in Armenia and Artsakh in 2018

17.12.2017 43 просмотров

The first 10-15 medical centers for palliative care in 2018 will be created in Armenia and one in Artsakh, Minister of Health of the Republic Levon Altunyan said during a working visit to Artsakh.

Palliative care is a humanitarian and important aspect of medicine, which makes it possible to make the last days of life of terminally ill patients as comfortable as possible.

"The introduction of palliative care service in Armenia is envisaged within the network of primary health care. Initially, the service will be provided on a paid basis, since the state budget does not provide funds for this purpose," Altunyan said.
< br> He also said that the centers will provide both pain relief and psychological assistance to patients.

"It is known that patients with a similar diagnosis in the last days of their lives are in a difficult psychological state, they only talk about the disease, complicating their condition," Altunyan said.

The Minister also stated that the medical center in Artsakh will help improve the quality of life of patients with cancer and multiple injuries.

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