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UNESCO recognizes equestrian polo as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Iran

08.12.2017 93 просмотров

UNESCO recognized horse polo as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Iran during a session held on December 7 in South Korea, Mehr News reported.

After three years of intensive efforts, international negotiations and close cooperation between the Iranian Ministry of Sports and the Cultural Heritage Organization, the team sport of polo (known as "chogan" in Persian) was added as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Iran to the UNESCO list during the 12th session Intergovernmental Committee for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage, which takes place from December 4 to December 8 in the capital of South Korea, Seoul.

Iran submitted on November 30, 2016 a proposal to include horse polo in the list of intangible cultural heritage. The dossier was reviewed and on November 7, 2017, horse polo was listed under the 2003 Convention.

The first recorded game of horse polo ("chogan") reportedly took place in 600 BC in ancient Persia.

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