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Ultramarathon to be held in Kyrgyzstan

21.01.2020 148 просмотров

The race of this format will be held in the republic for the first time.

The participants of the competition will start in the city of Karakol and finish in Balykchy. The total length of the route will be more than 230 kilometers, which will be divided into 4 stages.

Yakutyanin took third place
in the 100-mile marathon in China

The first section will be 64 kilometers, where the participants will have to run from Karakol to Ak-Terek. The next segment of the distance is a little less - 57 kilometers. Athletes will have to get to the village of Kaji-Sai. The third stage is 50 kilometers, and the length of the fourth is about 65 kilometers. Participants of the ultramarathon will have to get from Kyzyl-Tuu to Balykchy.

Everyone who wants to participate in the race must fill out a special application distributed by the federation. Everyone will receive a serial number, a certificate of participation, water and fruit to replenish their strength.

According to the organizers, the competitions are held to promote a healthy lifestyle, develop mass sports, and stimulate sports achievements in ultra-marathon running.

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