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Ultramarathon runner Dmitry Erokhin set a new world record in Kalmykia

11.04.2018 53 просмотров

In seven days, 10 hours and 48 minutes, he crossed the republic from North to South. During this time, the super marathon runner ran 574 kilometers.

“In order for the record to be recorded, the average speed of the race had to be at least 60 km / day. My travel speed was 77 km/day. The record was officially recorded in Strava and Iridium – these are online trekking,” TASS quotes Yerokhin. republics. Animals are among the five antelopes that are on the verge of extinction. In Kalmykia, the Chernye Zemlya state reserve is located, one of the main saiga habitats, where a slight increase in the number of these antelopes is now observed. 

All stages of the race were broadcast on social networks and in special running applications. On the route, the marathon runner was accompanied by representatives of the relevant republican ministries and municipalities. Local residents also supported the athlete. Erokhin noted that the last section of the race was the most difficult, when he had to wade across the Kuma River. 

“Water sometimes reached the waist. So I walked about three kilometers, I froze, but I got out. Difficulties were sometimes introduced by a strong wind that blew in the face or from the side, which interfered. And I finished in the reeds, which were taller than my height. At the finish line, it turned out that one leg was still in Kalmykia, and the other was already in Dagestan,” added D. Erokhin. 

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Dmitry Erokhin is a member of the Russian Geographical Society, an amateur athlete who has run dozens of marathons and ultramarathons in more than 20 countries around the world. Since 2014, I have started running multi-day ultramarathons. His most famous achievement is the 1,500 km race from Moscow to Sochi in honor of the 2014 Winter Olympics. In 2017, Erokhin set a record by running the Golden Ring of Russia route.

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