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Ultramarathon Moscow - Beijing nominated for the Crystal Compass Award

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This year, 327 projects were nominated for the prestigious award, including the achievement of Alexander Kaper and his ultramarathon "Moscow - Beijing: 8000 km race in 200 days". 

Alexander Kaper started the marathon in Moscow on March 4, 2017. In 200 days, he ran 8 thousand kilometers and crossed 16 regions of Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia and China. The goals of the international race were the development of good neighborly relations between Russia and China, the promotion of a healthy lifestyle and the strengthening of ties in the field of sports. 

On September 19, 2017, Alexander Kaper completed the 200-day race from Moscow to Beijing, finishing in front of the Institute of Geographical Sciences and Natural Resources Research in Beijing. According to Vice President of the Chinese Geographical Society Zhang Guoyu, who was present at the finish line,  The ultramarathon unites countries and is a confirmation of friendship and mutual understanding between nations. 

Alexander Kaper considers the race a success. “I met hundreds, thousands of Chinese, today I am waiting for them to visit me in Moscow, in Russia,” the athlete said. “Thanks to this marathon, I had the opportunity to build bridges of friendship between four states: Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia and China. People who took part in it at different stages became part of one big race.” 

At present, the Moscow-Beijing ultramarathon: 8000 km race in 200 days takes the second place in the online voting on the website of the Crystal Compass Award. 

For reference:

The Crystal Compass National Prize has been awarded since 2012. This is a prestigious international award in the field of geography, ecology, conservation and popularization of the natural, historical and cultural heritage. 

The award is given to the best projects that are designed to preserve the natural, historical and cultural heritage of Russia  ;and are able to show the guidelines for the development of the country.

During the award ceremony, 1531 projects from 35 countries of the world and 84 regions of Russia were submitted for competition.

Russian Forest Gump Alexander Kaper, who ran 8,000 kilometers from Moscow to Beijing in 200 days in 2017, including for charity,is a finalist for the "Headliner of the Year" award.< br>

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